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Issue #27 - Napoleon had a point - Desire first

If you don't really want to - you are not going to. That's it - that is the summary on changing beha

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January 2 · Issue #27 · View online
Feeding the Passion for Transformation: Be it Talent, Culture, Work or HR

If you don’t really want to - you are not going to.
That’s it - that is the summary on changing behaviors and habits after 15+ years as a learning and development leader.
One can be taught all sorts of cool tools, tricks, hacks via role-play, inspired speeches, walk throughs on best practices, great IDP (individual development plan) and yes, there may be slight movement forward - but real change? Unless there is truly a desire coupled with insight (and/or desperate need,) the cycle of “want-to’s” is stuck on repeat.
All real change has to start with desire. And, in my opinion, desire can only happen after an a-ha moment or personal insight/self-awareness as to why one would want to.
What is desire? Not withstanding philosophy (reference support here) or a Kevin Costner movie, desire is an underlying belief that something can be made to be and is possible. Only if this insight is strong and motivates action, will the attention/work start to help move things in the direction the belief is pointing towards.
It has been my experience in trainings, apps, blogposts, global meetings, there is a very strong focus on the skills - the how-to’s - and the knowledge - the what-to’s - but unless the “want-to’s” are coupled with a real desire or belief that things can be different and a reason one personally cares, those pieces of knowledge and the skills stay latent.
To kick-off 2019, I encourage you to step away from your own personal should-do’s, could-do’s, supposed-to’s and the theoretical want-to’s and ask: what do you truly desire to… (pick your verb: change, learn, try-out, stop, start). Only then can you describe what it will really look like or how you will know if you have been successful.
Desire supports one’s ability and drive to make a change into a new reality. It is the “starting point of all achievement” according to Napoleon - and he wasn’t wrong.
So, to help us all in making our desires (changes, resolutions, goals) a new reality, in this edition we focus in on some good support resources.
Let’s do this 2019!

My olive branch of insight.
My olive branch of insight.
So you want to change something?
Notes to Self: Changing Habits
The 3 R's of Habit Change: How To Start New Habits That Actually Stick
How to's
217: The Best Way to Make New Habits Reality
How to Crush Your Habits in the New Year With the Help of Science - The New York Times
Judson Brewer: A simple way to break a bad habit | TED Talk
Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days | TED Talk
Not working for you?
Why The 5 Second Rule doesn't work | Mel Robbins
Question of the Week: What is an a-ha that led to you making a change?
It is January 2nd, and thanks to my better-half and his love for buckets, I am identifying my buckets for 2019 - customer work, inspired collaborations, conferences, vacations, projects, key relationships, “outside of comfort zone” and yes, getting the kettlebell back to swinging.
I am curious to know: what are your priority buckets for this year?
Wishing you a great start to 2019 and looking forward to the transformations we will lead this year!
All of my best regards,

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