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Issue #26- Gifting: Focusing on Intent and Mindset?

'Tis the season - to go out and buy!Not on board with this sentiment? Me neither! Have we lost the tr

Transforming Talent Insights

December 19 · Issue #26 · View online
Feeding the Passion for Transformation: Be it Talent, Culture, Work or HR

‘Tis the season - to go out and buy!
Not on board with this sentiment? Me neither!
Have we lost the true meaning of expressing appreciation and fostering goodwill by the value of the gifts we give or receive? Does a worldview allocate one into the role of being a Taker or a Giver? Does this perception play a role in how the world of work is able to transform?
Are we considered Takers or Givers?
When we look at this Season and the time away from the whirlwind, connecting with our families, friends and deeper selves, we stop to think about what are the gifts in our lives, how are we giving of ourselves to others, and how does this affect the broader world we live in.
In this edition, we look a bit deeper at the purpose behind gift giving, a giving mindset and the affect organizations thriving in a gift economy can and are having.

I am not talking about the value of a fruit-basket here...
I am not talking about the value of a fruit-basket here...
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Thank You Note
For my part in thinking about this week’s edition, a critical element in gift-ing is the recognition or acknowledgement of appreciation of another person for what they add to our lives. A gift can be symbolic, homemade or tirelessly researched, it can be a “thinking of you” DM, it can be making a memory together: the form doesn’t matter in my opinion, rather the intent.
So with that, I would like to extend a big shout-out to you my readers, friends, colleagues, clients and family for your gift of support during this journey of Transforming Talent. I have been so blessed in meeting incredible people, collaborating on projects and learning every step of the way! Thank you to all of you amazing Givers!
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