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Issue #24 - Thanksgiving: a case study in social psych with gravy

Thanksgiving is almost here and, since for a majority of my formative years, the four day break was s

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November 19 · Issue #24 · View online
Feeding the Passion for Transformation: Be it Talent, Culture, Work or HR

Thanksgiving is almost here and, since for a majority of my formative years, the four day break was spent studying, writing reports, and cramming between bouts of eating, I thought I would bring a throw-back to those times with a syllabus on group dynamics and social psych.
Since we all interact with other people - not only during the holiday season - a bit of insight and understanding may prove beneficial as we reflect on our own role in the dynamics that play out when dealing with others beyond ourselves. And also how can we as ordinary people make a change in the dynamics and the results we have been getting.
Therefore, please pass the stuffing, and dive in to some social psychology de-lite!
(*If you fall asleep on your keyboard whilst reading - please blame it on the turkey - I always did!)

From Stanford to Evil to Time to Heros - Philip Zimbardo is the Sinatra of Social Psych - and is well worth checking out.
Variety is the Spice of Life? 101 Group Dynamics
Understanding Group Dynamics and Systems - Robert K. Conyne
Rethinking group dynamics: How to be better together | Daria Vodopianova | TEDxUniMelb - YouTube
SIT-ing: 2 Key Social Psych Theories
Social Identity Theory In Social Psychology - SIT-1- IResearchNet
Social Impact Theory In Social Psychology - SIT-2 - IResearchNet
Episode 1: Social Psychology and Intimate Relationships with Dr. Ben Karney by Psychology In Action Podcast
"We can be heroes - for just one day!"
Creating a new generation of youth super heroes | PHILIP ZIMBARDO | TEDxRoma - YouTube
Question: What are the quirks that show you are part of your groups?
As you think to your family, friends, co-workers, project teams, what are the indicators that show that you are part of that group or team? How are you able to speak up? How do you get support?
If you are looking at creating and or being “ordinary heroes” in your organization, I am more than happy to talk through, how I may be of support. Feel free to contact me at (further info can be found on
Until then - Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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