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Issue #22 - HR and Improv: Creepin it Real at Work


Transforming Talent Insights

October 26 · Issue #22 · View online
Feeding the Passion for Transformation: Be it Talent, Culture, Work or HR

“Can Humor Help Human Resources?” asks Pam Victor, Head of Happiness (aka President/Founder) of Happier Valley Comedy. It is a valid question, because if you look the sterotypes around HR, it seems like we need some humor and we need some help.
To illustrate this point, a short association game (pick your favorites):
HR are the…:
  • fun police
  • hall monitors
  • work mommas
  • wrist slappers
  • office fairies
  • secret agents
  • process dictators
  • compensation dragons
  • union snatchers
  • nay-sayers
  • cheerleaders
  • enablers of bad management
  • good minions
  • are afraid to draw outside the lines
If that is the perception, why does HR - or the people role at work - even still exist?
Mandy Chooi, faculty member at the THNK School of Creative Leadership, and I took these stereotypes to challenge our thinking around the purpose of the HR function. What do I mean? For example, if the old purpose of HR was to run people processes effectively, efficiently and with little noise (which led to the aforementioned stereotypes) and this role no longer serving purpose, then…
What is the role of HR?
Taking inspiration from improv, design, innovation and variety shows to help answer this question, we will be co-hosting Creepin’ it Real: an HR improv design workshop on October 31st in Amsterdam on:
What is and will be the people role in the world of work?
I invite you to get inspired with us in this week’s edition, share with me your thoughts and follow us on Instagram @hrimprov!

Does HR mean what you think it means?
Does HR mean what you think it means?
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Question: What is and will be the people role in the world of work?
You are inspired, intrigued and wish to join us? Awesome - come to Amsterdam! You can’t come but you believe that the inconceivable is real and wantto be part of a future #hrimprov event? Just let me know, we would love to have you as part of the co-creation!
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