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Issue #2 - HRD Summit: What is on the agenda?

This upcoming week finds us together (hopefully) at the HRD Summit in beautiful Amsterdam with friend

Transforming Talent Insights

May 21 · Issue #2 · View online
Feeding the Passion for Transformation: Be it Talent, Culture, Work or HR

This upcoming week finds us together (hopefully) at the HRD Summit in beautiful Amsterdam with friends, colleagues and HR thought leaders.  I surveyed a few attendees on what conference topics most interest them.  The result: organizational and cultural transformation, leadership in the new world of work as well as the topic of agility led the pack.  So let’s dive in!

Agility, Agile, Flexibility: Are they all the same? No: but related.
To kick-off, the three terms are often used interchangeably but at their core, they do represent very different ideas:
Agility is commonly defined as the ability and flexibility to respond to change.
Agile is - extremely simplified and abbreviated - a manifesto based method for cross-functional teams working on projects or issues needing resolving.  The teams usually work with 1-4 week turnaround times on these projects or issues before tackling new ones. The concept originally stems out of IT, is often paired with Design-thinking, and has many similarities with the concepts of partially autonomous work-teams from the 70’s. (If you want to learn more about Agile - I recommend attending the CoLab workshop with Perry Timms and Kim Atherton) or watch this TED overview with Jeff Sutherland, co-writer of the original Agile Manifesto.
To simplify: The end-goal of many Agile implementations is to stimulate higher agility and flexibility in an organization.
To succeed in the new world of work, I will focus on highlighting learning, organizational and leadership agility. 
Learning Agility: The Pin on the Talent Compass Needle
Learning Agility - or like my friend, Arvinder Dhesi from KornFerry (now Hay Group) likes to say “when you figure out what to do when you do not know what to do.” Learning Agility is a compass for any Talent Navigator, as it is exceedingly helpful when assessing potential.  The concept has five key areas: change agility, mental agility, people agility, results-agility, and self-awareness. 
Intro: The Five Dimensions Of Learning-Agile Leaders
KornFerry Learning Agility: The X-Factor in Identifying and Developing Future Leaders - YouTube
Organizational Agility: The Social Motor
Many research-practice firms are ringing the bell around what a number of us have been espousing for years: organigrams are nice but a company lives and thrives through the power of the informal networks. People collaborating across functions, countries, industries to resolve challenges. As our organizations become more distributed, the power of the network will only grow stronger. As will the need for individual social competencies to be able to work well across and within organizations.  Companies are now focusing more around how they are engaging hearts, minds as well as the courage to take risks and reach out to others. Two good overviews of this are from KornFerry and i4cP.
The Secret Formula for Organizational Agility - TINYcon 2017
KornFerry: Organizational Challenge: Engage Hearts and Minds
Leadership Agility: How to Steer in the New World of Work?
As work is changing from job titles to abilities, capabilities, and experiences, the work of leaders is also rapidly changing and different requirements on the roles are emerging.  Leadership agility is not tied to titles, but has a much broader application.
TED: What will future jobs look like? | Andrew McAfee - YouTube
DDI: The Leadership Agility Tightrope: Research Insights
Agility through Organizational Learning - Strategy Implementation | Coursera
A special shout-out to some exceptional friends and colleagues who will be leading sessions and talks: Mandy Chooi, consultant and THNK School of Creative Leadership faculty, Perry Timms, from the transformational PTHR,  David Everhart, Senior Vice President from Mannaz, Bill Boorman, founder of awesome #Tru conferences and HR tech leader. I am really looking forward to seeing you and many other learners there!
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