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Issue #19 - Can we go do something great together?’”

What are folks looking to get out of an interview that they cannot get out of a CV, work sample, big

Transforming Talent Insights

September 27 · Issue #19 · View online
Feeding the Passion for Transformation: Be it Talent, Culture, Work or HR

What are folks looking to get out of an interview that they cannot get out of a CV, work sample, big 5 trait scan, handshake, General Mental Ability assessment, peer ratings, integrity test, social media reviews, friend referral, assessment center, sniff test, reference checks etc. etc. etc? (I could keep listing as there is over 100 years of research on the best selection methods, so if you want to read more on the more - enjoy).
Doesn’t even matter if we do we employ additional methods - people still end up in an interview. Why is that?
An interview probes if we can imagine that an alignment of our (pick what works best for you) purpose, goals, values, ambitions, curiosities, sense of contribution, learning, being part of something broader will bring us - as a world, company, team, individual - further.
An interview is a human connecting with others humans with a opportunity to commit. Like a date.
So if that is the case, how do we best approach it?
A) like a good conversation: light on the structure, heavy on the feels
B) very structured, consistent and competency-centric
C) Other?
Option A with Conversation is laid open for bias, comparison problems, issues if the interviewer never lets the interviewee get a word in edgewise and pitches that lead to “sold me heaven, once I signed, sent me to hell”. Option B with highly structured interviews is criticized outside of I/O spheres as being too sterile/formalized, which then put some of the validity benefits into question. Which leads us then to Option C: Other.
Option C asks what can we do to create an environment where the opportunity to determine “can we do something great together” is on a more stable foundation via thought out processes (accounting for bias, impression management, plastic sales pitches and having better evidence based practices)*
With that, let’s look at creating a more stable foundation via Option C for practitioners.

In essence...
In essence...
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*A very special shout out of kudos and thanks to Natasha Ouslis and Hung Lee for sharing an excellent great summary on scientific based hiring in this week’s Recruiting Brainfood.
Additional special thanks for the inspiration this week out of lovely Portugal from HR @Sonae Arauco. See you at the latest in October!
All my best wishes for a great week,
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