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Issue #10 - Transformer: More than meets the eye?

"I have this little voice inside my head telling me what to do." Yes, we know, we can hear it.  Creep

Transforming Talent Insights

July 17 · Issue #10 · View online
Feeding the Passion for Transformation: Be it Talent, Culture, Work or HR

“I have this little voice inside my head telling me what to do.” 
Yes, we know, we can hear it. 
Creepy, awesome? Or helpful in remembering what was on the grocery list when standing in front of the aisle, Or helpful in guiding the repair of a type 894TZ elevator, Or delivering medicine to specific diseased areas of the body, Or for keeping tabs on one’s team, Or determining the potential of a future hire?  
As technology advances, questions around merging tech arises.  As we think through the positives, we also will need to consider the boundaries. Digital detox is a thing - will chip crushing come next?
This week’s issue may be a bit of a side tangent, looking at some of the possibilities, some of the questions and some of the implications of human/machine interplay. Enjoy!

HR Challenge: Boundaries
Would You Let Your Boss Put a Chip in Your Body? – Future Human – Medium
Jamiroquai's Greatest Hits?
The Softer Side of Technofuturism – Future Human – Medium
8 Innovative Ways Companies Are Using Virtual Reality to Recruit | LinkedIn Talent Blog
What is it to be human?
Ze Frank: Are you human? | TED Talk
Ken Goldberg: 4 lessons from robots about being human | TED Talk
Hugh Herr: How we'll become cyborgs and extend human potential | TED Talk
Reading your mind? The current state of the how
Transcribing the voice in your head - MIT Technology Review
Greg Gage: This computer is learning to read your mind | TED Talk
Poppy Crum: Technology that knows what you're feeling | TED Talk
Question of the Week
Are there actual benefits of chipping for your employer? Why would you want to?
This week I am having a lot of interesting dinner conversations while traveling around in the mid-west.  I am looking forward to hearing about yours!  All my best wishes for a great week!
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