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Issue #1 Key Need to Knows

Hello!  In this inaugural newsletter, I will be highlighting some important "need to knows" for HR ou

Transforming Talent Insights

May 14 · Issue #1 · View online
Feeding the Passion for Transformation: Be it Talent, Culture, Work or HR

Hello!  In this inaugural newsletter, I will be highlighting some important “need to knows” for HR out of current discussions. 
- Data Protection - How-tos and Whys
- Employer Brand: How do you foster a compelling one? Why do you need to?
- Future of Work: What is it and our role as HR in shaping it
If you have any suggestions on content or find awesome things that you believe would be good to share: great! Please let me know and I will put it in an upcoming edition.
Until then - happy reading, listening and learning!

All Things GDPR
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming into effect May 25th, 2018. The new regulation GDPR is not a reason to go into a full-on panic but it is coming down to the wire. These few links are to help those who are still “not quite sure” as to what the regulation change will mean for those for in- and outside of the EU, and what needs to be done in terms of compliance.  A few articles I found that may help in the understanding are:
The Homerun GDPR ready to roll guide.
CandidateID GDPR Playbook
Guidance on the use of Legitimate Interests under the EU General Data Protection Regulation
Employer Branding - Levelling the Playing Field
Why would a top, fully-employed person want to work at your company?  Why would a top, fully-employed person want this particular job you are posting? Who are you as HR or a hiring manager (representative of your company brand)? Why would I want to work for you? Why do I want to stay working for you?
As we look to employer branding, it is becoming more and more about how an individual’s growth is fostered as well as how there is a culture-fit and value-add for and of each individual.  If this message is wishy-washy or interchangeable: you will lose.  The WIIFM (what is in it for me?) argument needs to be clearly communicated via your employer brand and in your employees’ and candidates’ experience (e.g. interactions with you).  Therefore, fostering the culture of your employer brand is paramount to being that employer of choice: Whether folks are working for your company now - or may wish to do so in the future.
The 7 Phases of Intelligent Talent Demand Generation
EP 075 – Serious Thoughts About Employer Brand | The Talent Cast
29 Surprising Stats on Employer Branding - Infographic |
How to Write Job Postings that Compel the Best to Apply
3 Ways One Company Determines If a Candidate Is a Good Culture Fit | LinkedIn Talent Blog
How to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile
Future of Work? Robots taking over?
The future of work is changing - and I say “yay”! Despite a lot of fear-mongering around the disruption in the workplace, this disruption has its good sides in terms of tapping into broader capabilities and actualization of potential.  There is also going to be a surge back to critical, judgment work and a shift away from routine work.  We are seeing the rise of the centaur-talent (more to come in future editions on what the heck that is.)  Some insights from thought leaders that I liked and wanted to share with you are below:
3 myths about the future of work (and why they're not true) | Daniel Susskind - YouTube
From UNLEASH: Will Technology make the future of work more human or less?
How Will You Shape the Future? Featuring Jason Averbook - TotalPicture Radio | Podcast Career Advice and Leadership Development
A big shout out of thanks for my inspo (inspiration board) friends: Hung Lee, from, Tom Klein from, Perry Timms from People & Transformational HR, and my Oregon & BW tribes. 
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