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Issue #5 - Chiron is that you? The Rise of the Talent Centaur


Transforming Talent Insights

June 11 · Issue #5 · View online

Feeding the Passion for Transformation: Be it Talent, Culture, Work or HR

All Greek to me? 1983’s Mr. Roboto “My heart is human, my blood is boiling, my brain I.B.M.” was the precursor to the Talent Centaur: mega-horsepower combined with intuition.  In this issue, we dive into the topic.  Not out of fear of what machine learning (sticklers say we don’t have AI yet) replaces in terms of jobs, but what the overall benefits are and the imperatives for learning & development to build-up the capabilities we need to be able to do great “judgment work”. The “judgment work” focusing on “why?”, “how?” and “what if?” more than the questions “what?”, who?“ and “when?”.

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I saw this differentiation on Quora that I really liked: “Inquisitive: Being curious in an intellectual sense. Acquisitive: Being curious for ideas and information for reasons other than just intellectual.” 
With that: What are your thoughts on the future of work? 
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