Transforming Talent Insights

By Elizabeth M. Lembke - Chief Talent Navigator (HR Consultant)

Feeding the Passion for Transformation: Be it Talent, Culture, Work or HR

Feeding the Passion for Transformation: Be it Talent, Culture, Work or HR

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Transforming Talent Insights - Issue #61 Talent Development in A-Maze-ment

🛂The traditional talent development park... so uhm, does anyone even know how to get a park admission pass?Many organizations built up their talent development processes based on a supply chain model of talent. This aim of this model is that, talent readily a…


Transforming Talent Insights - Issue #60: The Stories We Tell Ourselves? On Vampires, #4AMmeangirls, and Vulnerability

Recently, I had the honor of coaching some amazingly dynamic, top-of-their class, well, for lack of a better word, overachievers. Each one of them with a resume to impress your socks off, with open minds, hearts, and willingness to learn, and a number of succ…


Transforming Talent Insights - Issue #59: Learning Wobbles: "Shine A Spotlight vs. Holding A Mirror"

You know, those learning experiments, where you push yourself up against the walls of your comfort zone to enter into the brave zone ...of the land of the first time,of the unfamiliar and strange,of an area where you do not have expertise,of where you are goi…


Transforming Talent Insights - Issue #58 Barriers to Transformation: The Magical Magnetic Pull of Novelty vs. Nostalgia

Which leads to the questions:Can magic help us highlight the push and pull forces behind the romance of nostalgia and the spellbinding aspects of novelty, when we are trying to transform an organization or change a situation?Can adopting a magic maker mindset…


Transforming Talent Insights - Issue #57: Let's DUMB It UP: Desire, Unraveling, Messy, Balance

Take a DUMB ApproachIf we have learned anything over the past two years of the pandemic, is that the command-and-control, Supply Chain approach for obtaining our goals is a input-output black-box pipe dream. Despite this, for years, the most popular method of…


Transforming Talent Insights - Issue #56 A-Maze 2022: Can Transformation Be Meme-Able?

By fostering fulfillment at work, a real connection between one's personal purpose and meaningful work, ownership and accountability as a team... you get increased collaboration, stronger employee and customer net promoter scores, nimbleness, innovation, owne…


TTI - Issue #55: Courage FOR and WITH One Another

You are watching, you are listening, there is a rumble in your heart that pushes at your brain, and you feel yourself making a decision, a strong impulse to step outside of the comfort and silent zone to take a position...To support someone openly,To defend s…


TTI - Issue #54: Of Ants and Our Vitality, Viability, and Vulnerability

Back in May 2020, fairly at the beginning of the pandemic, McKinsey and Oxford Economics, time boxed the virus and the economic shock into two key imperatives:Safeguard our lives (read: our vitality)Safeguard our livelihoods (read: our viability)Albeit, what …


TTI - Issue #53 Empowering League of 2021: You're a wonder, Wonder Woman

"You are many to many, peace-maker and war-fighter, supplicant, aspirant, penitent, the true friend and the boon companion, the trusted soul, and the truth-speaker... and you have been deceived." -Rebirth: Wonder Woman #1


TTI - Issue #52: Curiosity Based vs. "Will this Be on A Test"? On Learning Culture

✨ How can we address head on the barriers to career growth and co-create a better path forward?✨ How can we Talk WITH - rather than just ABOUT the various stakeholders in Career Growth - be they job seekers, recruiters, L&D, talent, professional organizat…


TTI - Issue #51 The Times are A-Changin: Context, Leadership & Bob

"Cooperate Flexibly" this past year of 2020 has brought many things to light as to how we work, how we get work done, and what we do to collaborate as real people working not only to secure our livelihood - but also of course, our lives.Our good sides, our sc…


TTI Issue #50: Do You Choose The Fear Factor or Make A Love Connection?

I rounded out the #WorkingRemotelyBeingConnected lunch and learn sessions for a customer, diving into this aspect of Our Relationships. Team cohesion, the strain of the on-going lockdown, and end-of-year stress were at the forefront of the leaders minds as to…


Issue 49# - Social Competence in Social Isolation: On Belonging and Loneliness at Work

As a person who loves to collaborate and raise her hand, I understand deeply the need to belong to a team larger than myself. Yet the aspect of acknowledging my own vulnerability is something that I find very challenging. (Yes, I am aware of the irony!) So af…


Issue #48 - Vroom, Vroom Teaming: What is Your Cannonball Run?

"Do not look at the job you have today - look at the potential for work you could have tomorrow". It is along these lines that the L&D Cares Career Growth Summit evolved from a seed idea around how we can help folks do that, to involving the stakeholders …


Issue #47: Buck up? On Grief, Mourning and Working

This Transforming Talent Insights edition is a big sidebar excursion from my normal editions about the NOW of work and transformation. It came about because on the one hand, my beloved mother-in-law died very suddenly, and on the other hand, professionally I …


Issue #46: Be Inclusive - Be Included? Beyond Beverage Bravery

These elements are not mutually inclusive. Want to test this out? Then let's start off with a little 2-part challenge:1st: Coffee and Tea Culinary Sins: What comes to your mind? (List as many as you can: Be they gross, uncouth, affect the taste strongly, or i…


Issue #43: Leadership's got a Brand New Bag

Leadership is coming together with the skills we have to impact the broader good. That is what I have been up to lately. Personally I am highly impressed with how folks are coming together. In addition to the marathon, I am proud to be taking part in the Brai…


Issue #45: Our New Normal: Working Remotely, Being Connected

This edition is thanks to a video chat I had with Sofia Broberger as I was working to find my voice: Why don't you talk about culture and the sense of one team as we are all now suddenly in isolation? Tack väinna!At this point, I want to thank you for your su…


Issue #44: HR & POLI SCI 5.0: Social Contract - Signature needed?

This post came about because I kept hearing the term "social contract" being thrown around but only with a vague sense as to what the concept actually meant. For me, it is a cornerstone of being able to find fulfilment in the work one does - be it via the imp…


Issue #42: On the Mark: From Performance Reviews to Consultancy

This edition has been a long time coming as I am often asked by employees, HR and managers on my opinion and recommendation for performance management. Personally, I think most folks acknowledge that the current process is not working. I think the hesitancy t…