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TPR 4/29/21: Feminine-sounding brand names perform better

TPR 4/29/21: Feminine-sounding brand names perform better
By Mark Tosczak • Issue #11 • View online
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Feminine-sounding brand names perform better
How a brand name sounds can translate into substantial economic benefits, researchers say.
The highest ranked companies on Interbrand’s Global Top Brands list for the last 20 years have, on average, more feminine-sounding names than masculine-sounding names. These include Nike, Coca-Cola and Disney.
Consumers perceive feminine names as warmer, conveying good-natured sincerity. It’s not just the Interbrand brands. Research confirms this bias toward feminine-sounding names.
Participants reported that brands with linguistically feminine names seemed warmer and this increased their purchase intentions. This pattern occurred with well-known brands and made-up brands that study participants had no prior experience with.
What distinguishes linguistically feminine vs. masculine names?
Feminine names:
  • Have two or more syllables
  • Put the stress on the second or later syllable
  • End in a vowel
So next time you’re naming a product or company, think carefully about what the linguistic characteristics of the name convey.
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