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TPR 4/27/21: "Political tastebuds" and persuasion

TPR 4/27/21: "Political tastebuds" and persuasion
By Mark Tosczak • Issue #9 • View online
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Sometimes, like today, I cover topics that aren’t straight-up marketing. That’s because I think smart marketers (and communicators of all stripes) can learn from other fields where moving people to take action is also important.
So, if you’re reading this and wondering, “What’s this got to do with marketing?”, ask a different question instead: “How might this apply in my work?”

"Political tastebuds" and persuasion
Why do people have different political views? New York University social psychologist Jonathan Haidt explains that question with his moral foundations theory.
The theory says humans have six foundations through which we view politics and policy:
  • Care/Harm
  • Fairness/Cheating
  • Loyalty/Betrayal
  • Authority/Subversion
  • Sanctity/Degradation
  • Liberty/Oppression
Take the “Fairness/Cheating” dimension for example. Liberals might claim the wealthy aren’t “paying their fair share;” conservatives might say it’s not fair when the government uses taxes to take wealth earned by hardworking people.
It turns out that liberals and conservatives differ in how much these factors matter to them when weighing political or policy decisions.
The result, in politics, is that people often seem to talk past each other.
If you’re not in politics should you care about this? Possibly.
If you’re marketing something that involves an element of political identity, it might. Or if you’re marketing to an audience that you know leans one way or the other (perhaps based on where your advertising appears), it might be worth thinking about.
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Mark Tosczak

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