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Weekly newsletter of Towels - Issue #1

Choosing a Travel Towel - The Ultimate Guide
By having a good travel towel or microfiber towel, as they are also called, you always have a dry towel waiting for you when you need it, and you also get more space in your suitcase for other things. For me and many others, it is an absolute must in the suitcase and something that makes the trip much more comfortable. Once you have acquired a good travel towel and notice all the benefits, you will never want to go back to traveling with a regular towel again. 
This article will help you choose the best travel towel for you and your needs.
Compact microfiber towel
• Good & just the right size for most people
• Affordable
• Made of quick-drying microfiber and soft cotton
• Soft material
• Good absorbency
• Dries much faster than a regular towel
• Very compact and takes up very little space in the bag
• Antibacterial
What I like most about this travel towel is its very reasonable size which is perfect for most people. I myself am quite tall, and for me, it is suitable both as a body towel and to take with me to the beach, even when it is a bit small for this.
It is made from a mixture of anti-bacterial and fast-drying microfiber and cotton, which gives you all the properties you would want in a travel towel while being soft and comfortable to use.  
Another great advantage is its low weight of only 169 grams and its combination between low price and high quality. All this makes this travel towel the top choice in this list.
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Quick-drying microfiber towel
  • Made of quick-drying microfiber
  • Soft material
  • Absorbs 4x its weight
  • It dries about 70% faster than a regular towel
  • It takes up very little space
  • It prevents bad smells and bacteria 
This travel towel is one of the most popular on the market, and you can find endless reviews about it. It is for you who want a reliable towel that you can use for many years. Available in normal size (for the body) and as a beach towel. There are more sizes, but these are the ones I think are best to take with you on the trip.
Anti-bacterial towel
  • Anti-bacterial surface
  • High quality
  • Quick-drying microfiber
  • It takes up very little space
  • Nice and soft material
This is a popular travel towel of high quality with very good reviews. I have used this towel on many trips and have been very happy with it. It dries almost immediately when it is hung in the sun, and it takes up incredibly little space in the bag. I have size L and feel that it is a reasonable size to have when traveling. One size smaller would have been too small.
These are the towels I can recommend after using them on several trips. They have very good reviews, and you really have to look to find a bad review. I hope you liked this article and that you are now well on your way to traveling smarter with a good travel towel. If the reason you are interested in a travel towel is that you want to save extra space in your bag
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