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Towels - Issue #4

Should You Dry Towels in a Drying Cabinet?
From an energy point of view, this is a better option than tumble drying. Depending on which drying cabinet and dryer you compare and how many clothes they can dry at a time, the energy use differs quite a lot.
Drying cabinets have the advantage that they dry relatively quickly and that you can, for example, dry shoes at the same time. Drying cabinets can also be used for air drying. Remember to leave the door open in that case so that the moisture can escape!
Should you air-dry towels indoors?
Drying cabinets are excellent for air drying, as long as the moisture is not trapped inside and there is air circulation. If you do not happen to have a drying cabinet at home and want to air dry the towels indoors, you can buy a washing rack.
An important condition is that you have space, but above all that, you do it in the bathroom or laundry room. That is rooms that are ventilated for a lot of moisture and can handle the moisture without spreading it to the rest of the house or apartment.
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You should not hang your wet laundry in the living room, bedroom, or the like, as the laundry directly from the washing machine may contain a couple of liters of water. This water disappears into the air during drying and can significantly increase the humidity in the room. In the long run, it can cause bacteria, mites, and other things that can negatively affect your health.
Should you air-dry towels outdoors?
You do not have to wait for it to be glorious nice weather to dry your clothes outdoors. It is enough that it is dry in the air. The moisture disappears quickly in the air, especially if there is little wind.
Of course, the towels dry faster if the sun is on, but it is not recommended to dry your fine clothes and towels in the sun as they can easily fade and lose color.
In fact, there is even a method called freeze-drying. The clothes can be hung outside in minus degrees and will dry due to the cold air being very dry. The clothes do not become as soft and comfortable as, after a tumble dryer, they can actually freeze a little and become stiff, but they become dry. It is very environmentally friendly and requires no electricity consumption.
Make sure that the towels are outstretched and carefully attached to the washbasin when you dry them outdoors so that the wind does not get hold of them. Remember to be careful when air-drying textiles outdoors if you are allergic to pollen and it is the wrong season. Otherwise, textiles that are air-dried outdoors often have a very pleasant fresh feeling.
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