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🌶️🦷⚔ To The Teeth: Yellow Eyes (The Taste of Teeth premiere!), Behemoth, Sonja, Sumerlands, Mork, Wolfheart, Clutch, Epica & more!

🌶️🦷⚔ To The Teeth: Yellow Eyes (The Taste of Teeth premiere!), Behemoth, Sonja, Sumerlands, Mork, Wolfheart, Clutch, Epica & more!
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This is a special week! The digital compilation The Taste of Teeth will be released in three weeks, and this week the first track is out via my friends at Invisible Oranges: a brand new, especially for the compilation recorded song from absolute amazing black metal band Yellow Eyes 👀.
There are also tracks on it from Terzij de Horde, Entheos, Al Namrood, Wilderun, Charlotte Wessels, Madder Mortem, Kaatayra, Thrawsunblat, Meer, Sweven, Bedsore, Tower, Scarlet Stories, Mare Cognitum, Foscor, Brutus and Fluisteraars.

The compilation, artwork by Sanne van Boeckel
The compilation, artwork by Sanne van Boeckel
As for other new music goes: you can listen to almost everything in the playlist on Spotify. Peppers are hot 🌶️! If you like what you read and want help keep this in the air: please head over to Patreon, or buy a patch over at Bandcamp (together with that nice compilation, eh?).
Lots of good death metal out today.
New albums
Behemoth - Off To War!
Behemoth - Off To War!
🌶️ Behemoth (black/death from Poland. FFO: Marduk,
It’s pretty cool how Behemoth have managed to grow as a band. I’ve seen them in 2001 and I saw them in 2019, and I’m really amazed by how big and epic their show nowadays is: wornout lyrics aside, they’re a true modern headliner. This new record doesn’t feel like one of their best, yet - but it also feels like it could be a grower. It’s less immediate, but layered.
🌶️ Sonja (heavy/gothic from the USA)
A week earlier than advertised, but it’s up everywhere so let’s dig in! Sonja is Melissa Moore’s new project, after she lost her place in Absu (as Vis Crom) when she came out as transgender. Fuck everything about that. She’s back stronger than ever, with a gem of an album. All power to Sonja.
There’s more: Sumerlands (heavy from the USA), Wolfheart (melodeath from Finland), Clutch (stoner/blues from the USA), Mork (🌶️ black from Norway), Ares Kingdom (🌶️ thrash/death from the USA), Dead Void (death/doom from Denmark), Innumerable Forms (death/doom from the USA), Miscreance (🌶️ tech death/thrash from Italy), Edenbridge (symphonic power from Austria), Irist (sludge/groove/post from the USA), Mortuous (death from the USA), Tribal Gaze (🌶️ death from the USA), Phobophilic (death from the USA), Deformatory (tech death from Canada) and Spiritus Mortis (doom from Finland).
New singles
Yellow Eyes - Dagger in the Warm Straw (artwork by Christian Degn)
Yellow Eyes - Dagger in the Warm Straw (artwork by Christian Degn)
There are new songs out from: Yellow Eyes (🌶️ black from the USA - yes, another shameless plug of my own compilation!), Tribulation (death/gothic from Sweden), Epica (symphonic from The Netherlands - feat. Jørgen Munkeby of Shining), Woods of Desolation (black from Australia), In Flames (happy to call it melodeath again from Sweden), Ripped to Shreds (death from the USA), Stratovarius (melodic power from Finland), Gevurah (black from Canada), Antropofagus (brutal death from Italy), Spider God (🌶️ melodic black from the UK), d'Artagnan (folk rock from Germany - featuring Blackbriar’s Zora Cock), Ungfell (black/folk from Switzerland), Haavard (🌶️ acoustic folk from Norway), Daeva (🌶️ black/thrash from the USA - members of Crypt Sermon), E-An-Na (folk metal from Romania) and Hagetisse (black from the Netherlands).
Non-metal & next week
Non-metal album of the week: Rina Sawayama (pop from the UK - I did an interview with her, in Dutch)
I’m looking forward to next week because of: Frayle, Petbrick, Nordjevel, Gaerea, KEN Mode & Venom Inc.
Have a great weekend people - Peter
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