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🌶️ To The Teeth: Wormrot, Pestilent Hex, Altars, Revocation, Within Temptation, End, Lord Mantis, Amon Amarth & more!

🌶️ To The Teeth: Wormrot, Pestilent Hex, Altars, Revocation, Within Temptation, End, Lord Mantis, Amon Amarth & more!
By To The Teeth • Issue #103 • View online
Alright, back to normal - thanks for all the kind reactions to the announcement that I’m releasing a digital compilation after summer. And hopefully you’ve found something in the half year lists that you didn’t know about yet.
So anyway, back to our regular programming.
Welcome to the To The Teeth newsletter! I’ll bring you up to date with new heavy music. You can listen to almost everything in the playlist on Spotify. Peppers are hot 🌶️! If you like what you read and want help keep this in the air: please head over to Patreon.

New albums
Wormrot - Grieve / Weeping Willow / Voiceless Choir
Wormrot - Grieve / Weeping Willow / Voiceless Choir
🌶️ Wormrot (grind from Singapore. FFO: Napalm Death, Nasum, Pig Destroyer, Brutal Truth)
Think you know what grind sounds like? Wormrot is here to smash everything you know about grind. Well, almost everything. (I mean, this is a 21 song, 32 minute album)
🌶️ Pestilent Hex (symphonic black from Finland. FFO: Emperor, Arcturus, Dimmu Borgir, Kvist)
This is the third time I’m writing about a black metal band that succesfully channels late nineties black metal in a way that I can’t remember hearing the last twenty years. Pestilent Hex’ (with members of Desolate Shrine and Corpsessed) debut is brutal and catchy, majestic and freezing cold, and highly compelling. Great music for all times.
🌶️ Altars (death from Australia. FFO: Morbid Angel, Ulcerate, Gorguts)
The Year of Death Metal continues with these Australian maniacs. It’s big on the complexity, but it feels more like a really, really heavy version of (old) Opeth. Very interesting band.
There’s more: Mourir (🌶️ black from France), Vomit Forth (brutal death from the USA), Begrime Exemious (black/death from Canada - this is out sunday), Lord Mantis (🌶️ blackened sludge from the USA - 2 track ep), Hiroe (post from the USA), Seep (death/doom from the USA), Alburnum (black/folk from The Netherlands) and Traitor (thrash from Germany), plus you can check out the split from Penance Stare & Atvm (🌶️ post-black from the UK & prog death from the UK) in full early.
New singles
Revocation - Diabolical Majesty
Revocation - Diabolical Majesty
There are new songs out from: Revocation (🌶️ technical death/thrash from the USA), Within Temptation (symphonic/alternative from The Netherlands), Amon Amarth (melodeath from Sweden), Imperial Triumphant (avantgarde/tech black/death from the USA), Panzerfaust (black from Canada), two songs from a split from End & Cult Leader (🌶️ grind/death/hardcore from the USA), Rioghan (gothic/prog from Finland - co-written by Jonas Renkse of Katatonia), Escuela Grind (grind from the USA), Netherlands (🌶️ avantgarde sludge/noise from the eh, USA), Defacing God (melodeath from Denmark), Trial (heavy from Sweden), Teethgrinder (grind/hardcore/death from The Netherlands), Phobophilic (death from the USA), Hierophant (black/death from Italy), Seventh Storm (goth rock from Portugal - w/ ex-member of Moonspell) and Pilori (grind/hardcore/crust from France).
Non-metal & next week
Non-metal album of the week: Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin & Paco de Lucía (jazz/flamenco from the USA/the UK/Spain - ok this was from last week but I didn’t have non-metal albums last week plus this is great)
I’m looking forward to next week because of: Behold! The Monolith, Inhuman Condition, Hissing, Mantar & Scarcity.
Have a great weekend people, stay safe - Peter
PS I’ve added a small batch of merch here
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