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🌶️ To The Teeth: Terzij de Horde, Et Moriemur, Sadness, Destruction, Kreator, Cave In, Decapitated, Artificial Brain & more

🌶️ To The Teeth: Terzij de Horde, Et Moriemur, Sadness, Destruction, Kreator, Cave In, Decapitated, Artificial Brain & more
By To The Teeth • Issue #90 • View online
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New albums
Terzij de Horde  - Cheiron
Terzij de Horde - Cheiron
🌶️ Terzij de Horde (black from the Netherlands. FFO: Ultha, Altar of Plagues, Bosse-de-nage)
Terzij de Horde (‘Aside the horde’, named after a Hendrik Marsman poem) is one of my favourite bands, and the new album is one of my favourite new records. I love this band. I love their no-frills, heartfelt sound. I love that artwork. I love the lyrics, nailed to the door of my mind. I love the fire, the dynamics, the scorching riffs that hit my head and my heart, and I love the pure, righteous willpower this band pours into sonics to make something happen, to have their surroundings react, to make life move. Life, life!
🌶️ Et Moriemur (atmospheric death/doom from the Czech Republic. FFO: Rotting Christ, Alchimia, Cult of Fire)
These Czech guys create a unique atmosphere with a full quiver of instruments and influences, without falling for cheap theatrics (even though he seems to sing “coffee cups and the sun’s eclipse / table cloth, turned on” in ‘Oshima’). It’s easy to get lost in the compelling details here, but a good riff will always pull you back out. Check out ‘Nagoya’, it’s beautiful.
There’s more: Destruction (thrash from Germany), Nekrogoblikon (melodeath/folk from the USA), Hällas (prog from Sweden), Sadness (🌶️ post-black from the USA/Mexico - this one is quite shoegazy/punky!), Concilivm (death from Chile), Spellforger (thrash/black/speed from Indonesia), Epitaphe (death/doom from France - this comes out 11/4), Marrasmieli (black from Finland), Tome of the Unreplenished (atmospheric black/noise/electronics from Cyprus), Nyos (experimental/instrumental noise from Finland) and a split from AAA 7, A Rose Dying in the Rain & Sdughalt (atmoblack/ambient and post-black from Mexico, and Sdughalt is depressive black from Ukraine 🌻).
New singles
Negative Plane - A Work to Stand A Thousand Years
Negative Plane - A Work to Stand A Thousand Years
There are new songs out from: Cave In (alternative/post-hardcore from the USA), Decapitated (death/groove from Poland - feat Tatiana Shmayluk of Jinjer), Primus (ploink, ploink, dubbuduhbuduh, from the USA), Negative Plane (🌶️ black from the USA), Kreator (thrash from Germany), Demonical (death from Sweden), Temple of Void (death/doom from the USA), Entrails (death from Sweden), Origin (tech/brutal death from the USA), Rammstein (industrial from Germany), Master Boot Record (industrial/electronic from Italy), The Spirit (black/death from Germany), Artificial Brain (🌶️ tech/prog death from the USA), Altars (death from Australia), Devenial Verdict (atmospheric/brutal death from Finland), I Am The Night (black from Finland), Mantar (sludge/black from Germany), Cosmic Putrefaction (🌶️ death from Italy), Astronoid (post/rock/shoegaze from the USA), Helms Alee (prog sludge from the USA), No Mas (grind/death from the USA), and new songs from an upcoming split from Crucifixion Bell & Krieg (black from the USA).
Plus, an album teaser (give us a goddamn full song already!) from Haunter (🌶️ black/death from the USA).
Non-metal & next week
Non-metal album of the week: Calexico (texmex/indie/latin rock from the USA)
I’m looking forward to next week because of: Darkher, Egregore & Månegarm.
Have a great weekend people, stay safe - Peter
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