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🌶️ To The Teeth: Revocation, Bloodbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Netherlands, Crippled Black Phoenix, Psychonaut, Dream Unending & more!

🌶️ To The Teeth: Revocation, Bloodbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Netherlands, Crippled Black Phoenix, Psychonaut, Dream Unending & more!
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Welcome to the To The Teeth newsletter! I’ll bring you up to date with new heavy music. You can listen to almost everything in the playlist on Spotify. Peppers are hot 🌶️! If you like what you read and want help keep this in the air: please head over to Patreon, or buy a patch or sticker over at Bandcamp.
The first To The Teeth compilation, The Taste of Teeth will be out october 7th! Expect more news next week.

New albums
Revocation - Re-Crucified
Revocation - Re-Crucified
🌶️ Revocation (tech death/thrash from the USA. FFO: Skeletonwitch, Vektor, Obscura)
The whole album is fire. But - much like the one below - the last song is perfect. The last recordings of Trevor Strnad are there, and man, when the whole thing collapses and Corpsegrinder crawls out of his cave I just die.
🌶️ Bloodbath (death from Sweden. FFO: Edge of Sanity, Entombed, Dismember)
Another album with a great closing track. It’s slow and dark and completely (and to be honest: finally) fits Nick Holmes like a bloody glove. It’s a little paint by numbers death metal for the rest of it, but hardly boring. And even when it is, it’s quality boring.
🌶️ Netherlands (sludge/noise from the USA. FFO: KEN mode, Torche, Old Man Gloom)
Such a weird band. Weird sounds. Weird songs. Weird. Weird is a weird word when you write or say it a lot. Just like fungus, and queue.
There’s more: Ozzy Osbourne (heavy from the UK), Warforged (progressive/blackened death from the USA), Crippled Black Phoenix (🌶️ experimental/post from the UK), Fallujah (progressive/tech death from the USA), a split from END & Cult Leader (both metalcore/hardcore from the USA), Holy Fawn (🌶️ experimental/blackgaze from the USA), Valborg (progressive doom/death from Germany), Mo'ynoq (black from the USA), Nadja (drone/doom from Germany), Vermilia (atmospheric black from Finland), Abrams (sludge/post from the USA), An Abstract Illusion (🌶️ atmospheric/progressive death from Sweden), and a compilation (actually one of the inspirations for making my own!) from Machine Music (with: Baazlvaat, Suffering Hour, Kaatayra, Sleepwalker, amongst others).
New singles
Psychonaut - Violate Consensus Reality
Psychonaut - Violate Consensus Reality
There are new songs out from: Psychonaut (🌶️ post-metal from Belgium - with guests Colin H. van Eeckhout from Amenra and Stefanie Mannaerts from Brutus), Lamb of God (groove/metalcore from the USA), Brutus (🌶️ progressive mathrock/shoegaze from Belgium), Dream Unending (🌶️ atmospheric doom/death from Canada/The USA - members of Tomb Mold, Innumerable Forms plus guests vocalist Phil Swanson, ex-Sumerlands, and Leila Abdul-Rauf on trumpet, Vastum), Strigoi (death/crust from the UK - members of Paradise Lost), Sumerlands (heavy from the USA), Coldworld (depressive black from Germany), Morbific (death from Finland), Fucked Up (post-hardcore from Canada), Givre (black from Canada - formerly ánd presently Entheos), Sarcator (🌶️ blackened thrash from Sweden), Firstborne (heavy from the USA - (ex-)members of Megadeth, Lamb of God), Vananidr (melodic black/death from Sweden), Apocalyptica (symphonic heavy/rock from Finland) and KEN mode (noise/post-hardcore from Canada),
Non-metal & next week
Non-metal album of the week: Jockstrap (experimental pop/electronic from the UK)
I’m looking forward to next week because of: Behemoth, Sumerlands, Wolfheart, Clutch and Mork.
Have a great weekend people, stay safe - Peter
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