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To The Teeth newsletter: Sur Austru, Altarage, Mork, Melvins, Wolvennest, Noctambulist & much more


To The Teeth | New Heavy Music

February 13 · Issue #44 · View online

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Welcome to the To The Teeth newsletter. I’ll bring you up to date with new heavy music. As always: listen to almost everything at the playlist on Spotify, check out the Facebook page and for support please head over to Patreon! Peppers are hot, hot, hot. It’s discovery week here: lot’s of unknown names.

New albums
Sur Austru - Cel din Urmă
There are new ep’s, demo’s, splits and albums out from: Noctambulist (🌶️ atmospheric/post-black from the Netherlands), Sur Austru (🌶️ atmospheric colk/death from Romania - full album here), Ad Nauseam (avantgarde tech death from Italy), Abiotic (tech/progressive deathcore from the USA), Grand Cadaver (death from Sweden - with Dark Tranquillity’s vocalist), Swampbeast (🌶️ death/grind from the USA), God Is An Astronaut (post/space rock from Ireland), Inglorious (hardrock from the UK), Sirenia (sympho/gothic from Norway - ex-Tristania), Ablaze My Sorrow (melodeath/gothic from Sweden), Emptiness (post/avantgarde from Belgium - warning: nsfl cover), Skeleton (black/death/thrash from the USA - demo), Beleriand (atmoblack from Norway), Humanity’s Last Breath (progressive deathcore from the USA), Demon King (blackened tech death from the USA), ÖxútÄ (prog death from Iceland), Simulacrum (prog from Finland), For Your Health (screamo/mathcore from the USA), Durbin (heavy supergroup from the USA - (ex-) members of Quiet Riot, Dokken and MSG), Vestindien (industrial/black/post-punk from Norway) and Countess (black from the Netherlands).
Missed this earlier but it’s great: Mefitis (🌶️ death/black from the USA).
New singles
Altarage - Magno Evento
There are new songs, singles and advance tracks out from: Altarage (🌶️ black/death from Spain), Mork (🌶️ black from Norway), Paysage d'Hiver (black/ambient from Switzerland), Forhist (🌶️ black from France - a new project from Blut Aus Nord’s Vindsvall), Drott (prog from Norway - with members of Ulver and Enslaved), Anneke van Giersbergen (rock from the Netherlands), Witherfall (heavy/prog/power from the USA), Autarkh (🌶️ black/death/industrial from the Netherlands), Zaratus (black from Greece), Nightfall (meloblack/death/gothic from Greece), Miasmata (black/heavy from New Zealand), Wesenwille (black from the Netherlands), Iotunn (prog/power from Denmark), Melvins (alternative from the USA), Malist (black from Russia), Aara (atmoblack from Switzerland), Wolvennest (experimental psych/black from Belgium), Enforced (thrash/crossover from the USA), Intonate (prog tech death from Canada), Odal (pagan black from Germany), Horndal (sludge/hardcore from Sweden), Kankar (atmoblack from Germany), a live track from Conan (sludge/stoner/doom from the UK) and a teaser for the new Furia (black/experimental from Poland).
Next week
Non-metal album of the week: Gabriel Rios - Flore (latin/pop)
I’m looking forward to next week because of: The Amenta (<- listen in full), Kjeld, Gravesend and Harakiri From the Sky.
Have a great weekend! - Peter
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