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🌶️🦷 To The Teeth: Mournful Congregation, Blind Guardian, Doldrum, Inanna, Venus Principle, Saor & more

🌶️🦷 To The Teeth: Mournful Congregation, Blind Guardian, Doldrum, Inanna, Venus Principle, Saor & more
By To The Teeth • Issue #97 • View online
Welcome to the To The Teeth newsletter! I’ll bring you up to date with new heavy music. You can listen to almost everything in the playlist on Spotify. Peppers are hot 🌶️! If you like what you read and want help keep this in the air: please head over to Patreon.
This is a good day for death metal. Cntrl+f death and go nuts.

New albums
MOURNFUL CONGREGATION - The Exuviae of Gods - Part I (EP sampler)
MOURNFUL CONGREGATION - The Exuviae of Gods - Part I (EP sampler)
🌶️ Mournful Congregation (funeral doom from Australia. FFO: Bell Witch, Thergothon, Skepticism)
It is kind of hard to explain what I like about funeral doom to people who don’t like or really understand metal - even when they’re not cynical but curious. Mournful Congregation can really touch me, though. It does something inside. The Portuguese have a word they use to describe the feeling they get from listening to fado: ‘Saudade’. A hard to translate mix of melancholy, longing, distance, love, sadness, nostalgia… I think it really fits this band and their beautiful new record (which is an ep, but hits like a double lp)
🌶️ Doldrum (experimental black from the USA. FFO: Ved Buens Ende, Erraunt, Arcturus)
Are you a man.. who knocks? I’ve asked myself that question since the Doldrum demo came out in november 2020. Not because I know what it means, but just because it’s stamped on my brain. Doldrum does that. They make very melodic, catchy and compelling experimental black metal, which should come at no surprise since the main man from the brilliant Erraunt is in this group.
🌶️ Inanna (proggy death from Chile. FFO: Death, Morbid Angel, VoidCeremony, Haunter)
I’ve had only half a day with this, but it’s very impressive stuff: layered, creative, massive… very cool. Can’t wait to spend more time with this.
Note: both Doldrum and Ianna are not on Spotify as of yet.
Inanna - Among Subaqueous Spectres
Inanna - Among Subaqueous Spectres
There’s more: Decapitated (death/groove from Poland), Venus Principle (🌶️ prog/post from the UK - w/ members of Crippled Black Phoenix and Louise Lemón), Church of Disgust (death from the USA), Heaving Earth (death from Czechia), a split from Blood & Nunslaughter (death/grind from Germany & death from the USA - this has been on Spotify for a while), Baest (death from Denmark), IATT (blackened melodic death from the USA), Lord Belial (black from Sweden), Sisyphean (black/death from Lithuania), Holocausto Canibal (brutal death/grind from Portugal) Trolldom (and 2) (atmospheric black from Sweden - w/ dude from Gardsghastr/Musmahhu/etc), Lascar (post-black from Chile), Black Void (black/crust - this is the same project as White Void, led by Lars ‘Lazare’ Nedland), Obscene (death from the USA), Sacrifizer (speed from France), Darkened (death from Sweden/UK/Canada), Gjendød (black from Norway - out saturday), Abythic (death from Germany), Besvärjelsen (stoner/doom/psych from Sweden), Black Lung (psych doom from the USA) and Haserot (death from the USA).
New singles
Blind Guardian - Blood Of The Elves
Blind Guardian - Blood Of The Elves
There are new songs out from: Blind Guardian (🌶️ speed/power from Germany), Saor (🌶️ atmoblack/folk from Scotland), Krisiun (death from Brazil), Traitor (thrash from Germany - w/ Tom Angelripper from Sodom), Behold! The Monolith (stoner/sludge from the USA), Final Light (post/experimental - Perturbator + Cult of Luna), Conjurer (sludge/doom/post from the UK), Temple of Void (death/doom from the USA), Belphegor (death/black from Austria), Pestilent Hex (🌶️ black from Finland - w/ members of Desolate Shrine/Convocation, Corpsessed/Tyranny), Inexorum (melodic black/death from the USA), Spear of Teuta (raw black/post-punk from Croatia), Yatra (sludge/stoner/doom from the USA), Khold (black from Norway - w/ members of Sarke, Tulus), Shed the Skin (death from the USA), Denouncement Pyre (black/death from Australia), Candy (hardcore/noise from the USA), Chat Pile (noise/sludge from the USA), Inanimate Existence (prog/tech death from the USA), Hell Fire (🌶️ heavy/speed from the USA), Hypermass (melodic death from Norway), Liminal Shroud (black from Canada), Light Dweller (death/black from the USA), Stoned Jesus (stoner/doom from Ukraine 🌻), Hiroe (post from the USA) and Karl Sanders (Middle Eastern/ambient from the USA - Nile frontman with his instrumenal solo project. I think I usually wouldn’t add something like this to the playlist, but it’s Karl fucking Sanders plus I love the atmosphere).
Non-metal & next week
Non-metal album of the week: Steven R. Smith (psych folk from the USA)
I’m looking forward to next week because of: Temple of Void, Articifial Brain, Astronoid, Druids & Origin.
Have a great weekend people, stay safe - Peter
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