🌶️ To The Teeth: Katharos, Primitive Man, Nechochwen, Master Boot Record, Behemoth, Moon Tooth, Mournful Congregation & much more!





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🌶️ To The Teeth: Katharos, Primitive Man, Nechochwen, Master Boot Record, Behemoth, Moon Tooth, Mournful Congregation & much more!
By To The Teeth • Issue #95 • View online
Welcome to the To The Teeth newsletter! I’ll bring you up to date with new heavy music. Listen to almost everything in the playlist on Spotify. Peppers are hot 🌶️! If you like what you read and want help keep this in the air: please head over to Patreon.
Goddamnit. Rest in power, Trevor Strnad.

New albums
Katharos - The World Serpent's Marrow
Katharos - The World Serpent's Marrow
🌶️ Katharos (symphonic black from Sweden. FFO: Emperor)
A bit like last week’s I Am the Night, this is full on Emperor worship. Yes, yes, I really want another Emperor record, I admit. And yes, yes, Katharos fill that gap in my heart a little bit. But the songs here really are too good, too intricate and too compelling to brush off as some kind of tribute. Katharos are the real deal.
🌶️ Nechochwen (folk/black from the USA. FFO: Panopticon, Obsequiae, Falls of Rauros)
Heart of Akamon made room for Native American heritage in black metal - and maybe the broader metal world with it - which now seems so indispensable. So important. Their new record again beautifully swings between sweet and raw, with a lot of character.
🌶️ Primitive Man (sludge/doom/noise from the USA. FFO: Indian, Thou, )
It took me a while to get this band. In fact, it wasn’t until Roadburn last month that I think I got it. This band is like a cold, harsh rainstorm you just needed to feel alive.
🌶️ Opeth (prog from Sweden. FFO: Katatonia, Ihsahn, Amorphis)
This is an ep, three b-sides in two versions (English and Swedish). I’m annoyed they didn’t release this as a standalone ep but chose to add it to the boxset version of In Cauda Venenum. I (and many more fans) already have the boxset. But.. this is still my favourite band and these songs still fucking rock. I’m as much of a fan of older Opeth (Oldpeth) as the next dude, but I also love their newer output (outputh?) to death (odeth? Stop). The quality of these mere b-sides is just another great example. By the way, did you know Mikael Åkerfeldt did a Netflix soundtrack?
There’s more: Moon Tooth (🌶️ prog from the USA), Aara (🌶️ atmoblack from Switzerland), Mutilatred (brutal death from the USA), Morgue Supplier (death/grind from the USA), Master Boot Record (🌶️ industrial/electronic from Italy), Cavernlight (sludge/drone/doom from the USA), 1648 (raw black from ??), a 4-way split from Deiquisitor, Phrenelith, Taphos & Undergang (all death from Denmark), Synteleia (black from Greece - out saturday), Sacred Son (🌶️ black/ambient from the UK), Circle of Sighs (edm/hiphop/black from the USA), Vital Spirit (black from Canada), Cora’s Heart (🌶️ atmoblack from Mexico - this is from the very talented Victoria Carmilla H., who has many projects worth your time), Zwart (black from The Netherlands), RYLR (instrumental prog from the USA - w/ members of Locrian, Pelican), Misery Index (death/grind from the USA), a split from Blood & Nunslaughter (🌶️ death/grind from Germany & death from the USA - this shouldn’t be out yet, but it’s up on Spotify) and Gonemage (post-black/chiptune from the USA).
Plus: enjoy an early full stream of the majestic new Mournful Congregation (🌶️ funeral doom from Australia).
New singles
Behemoth - Ov My Herculean Exile
Behemoth - Ov My Herculean Exile
There are new songs out from: Behemoth (🌶️ black/death from Poland), Altars (🌶️ death from Australia), Oceans of Slumber (prog from the USA), Soilwork (melodeath from Sweden), Decapitated (death/groove from Poland), Shining (experimental prog from Norway), Wormwitch (black/crust from Canada), Deathwhite (doom/gothic from the USA), Origin (tech/brutal death from the USA), Holocausto Canibal (brutal death/grind from Portugal), Perdition Temple (black/death from the USA) and a whole bunch of cool I, Voidhanger bands with new songs: Esoctrilihum (black from France), Bekor Qilish (avantgarde from Italy), Serpent Ascending (🌶️ atmospheric death from Finland), Merihem (black, international - w/ members of Oculus, Suffering Hour, Israthoum) and Ornaemental Shine (avantgarde black from, I think, the USA - w/ members of Uada, Black Hate). The rest is in the playlist!
Next week
Non-metal album of the week: Kendrick Lamar - Mr Morale & the Big Steppers (hiphop from the USA)
I’m looking forward to next week because of: Cave In, Blut Aus Nord, Evergrey, Predatory Light, Septicflesh, & Sadist.
Have a great weekend people, stay safe - Peter
PS I’ve added a small batch of merch here.
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