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🌶️ To The Teeth: Haunter, Cosmic Putrefaction, Soulfly, Wake, Temple of Void, Ibaraki, Te Ruki, Malthusian / Suffering Hour split & much much more!

🌶️ To The Teeth: Haunter, Cosmic Putrefaction, Soulfly, Wake, Temple of Void, Ibaraki, Te Ruki, Malthusian / Suffering Hour split & much much more!
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Welcome to the To The Teeth newsletter! I’ll bring you up to date with new heavy music. Listen to almost everything in the playlist on Spotify. Peppers are hot 🌶️! If you like what you read and want help keep this in the air: please head over to Patreon.
This is a hysterically good week.

New albums
Haunter - Chained At The Helm Of The Eschaton
Haunter - Chained At The Helm Of The Eschaton
🌶️ Haunter (death/black from the USA. FFO: Suffering Hour, Blood Incantation, Convulsing)
Haunter are fucking good. I know that’s not a very professional review, but goddamnit I’m right. I’ve followed them since Thrinodía and it has been a pleasure seeing them evolve from the raw, buried riffs to the bludgeoning and still progressive monster they are today. I can’t wait to see them live next week!
🌶️ Te Ruki (black from French Polynesia. FFO: Kvaen, Vanum, Watain).
I hear you thinking: ‘French Polynesia, under 300.000 people spread over 2.5 square million kilometer ocean, I bet there’s not a very large local metal scene there.’ Right on. Te Ruki is the only metalband from the island nation. I think their music is even more amazing for it. They have a very unique sound with great synthy atmosphere and barky vocals in Tuamotuan, and it’s groovy as all hell too. If you needed any more encouragement to check this out, this is on their bandcamp: ‘Special guest - Tony APA : Vivo (Tahitian nasal flute)’.
🌶️ Cosmic Putrefaction (death from Italy. FFO: Chthe'ilist, Ulthar)
I’ll be honest, it took me a while to accept that Gabriele Gramaglia didn’t pursue his more melodic, wide-eyed The Clearing Path project. But listening to the new Cosmic Putrefaction (Haunter labelmates), I feel - like him - I have moved on together with the swirling, hard to follow, deathly soundscapes he forges nowadays.
🌶️ I Am The Night (black from Finland. FFO: Emperor, Dissection)
There seems to be an uptick in Emperor worshipping blackmetalbands and I’m all for it. Next week we’ll see new Katharos (one of my favourite black records this year) and this week there’s I Am The Night. It’s not original by any means, but it’s amazingly well done and a blast of a listen. A Finnish band (with members of Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum, Bodom after Midnight and Paradise Lost), but with a very classy Norwegian sound, with a pinch of Swedish Dissectionism sprinkled on top.
There’s more: Ibaraki (🌶️ metalcore/black/prog from the USA - Matt Heafy’s solo project with a slew of high profile guests), a split from Malthusian & Suffering Hour split (🌶️ black/death from Ireland & the USA), Pharmacist (🌶️ death/goregrind from Japan - I missed this last month, it’s goood), Demonical (death from Sweden), Ufomammut (psych/stoner/doom from Italy), Tómarúm (prog black from the USA), Häxenzijrkell (black from Germany), Christian Death (deathrock/gothic from the USA), Disquiet (melodic thrash from The Netherlands), God Mother (death/hardcore from Sweden), Patristic (🌶️ blackened death from Italy - w/ members of Bedsore, Hideous Divinity), Syberia (instrumental post metal from Spain), Djevelkult (black from Norway), Tzompantli (death/doom from the USA) and Sepulchral Curse (blackened death from Finland).
⌚ Playlist followers might have noticed a june ‘21 release from Anti-God Hand up there. An old release? In my new metal playlist? Well, it’s finally on Spotify and it’s so so good, I just had to spread the word. Last week’s Negative Plane and the Anatomia/Undergang split are now also on Spotify and up in the playlist. Still waiting for Al Namrood, but they’ve assured me it’s coming.
New singles
Soulfly - Superstition
Soulfly - Superstition
There are new songs out from: Soulfly (groove/thrash/death from the USA), Wake (🌶️ grind/black/death from Canada), Ataraxy (🌶️ death from Spain), Kreator (thrash from Germany), Artificial Brain (tech/prog death from the USA), Therion (symphonic from Sweden), Khold (black from Norway - members of Sarke, Tulus), Temple of Void (death/doom from the USA), Black Cilice (🌶️ raw black from Portugal), Kampfar (pagan black from Norway), Lacrimas Profundere (gothic from Germany), Entrails (death from Sweden), Inexorum (🌶️ melodic death/black from the USA), Inhuman Condition (death/thrash from the USA - w/ members of Deicide, Venom Inc., ex-Massacre, ex-Death etc), Obsidious (tech/prog death from Austria/Germany/the UK), Baest (death from Denmark), Aramaic (🌶️ death from the United Arab Emirates), Buried Realm (melodic/tech death from the USA), Haunt (heavy from the USA), Venus Principle (psych/doom/rock from Sweden/UK - w/ members of At The Gates, Crippled Black Phoenix, Louise Lemón), Candy (hng hng hng from the USA), Chaotian (death from Denmark), Powerwolf (power from Germany) and Druids (doom/stoner from the USA).
Non-metal & next week
Non-metal album of the week: Bad Bunny - Un Verano Sin Ti (reggaeton/latin pop from Puerto Rico)
I’m looking forward to next week because of: Katharos, Nechochwen, Moon Tooth, Aara (full album), Morgue Supplier, Cavernlight, and Opeth (a bonus ep that should be a standalone ep but is only for sale with a boxset I and many people already have, bastards).
Have a great weekend people, stay safe - Peter
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