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🌶️ To The Teeth: Dream Unending, Epica, Obituary, Ahab, Wheel, Envy & much more!

🌶️ To The Teeth: Dream Unending, Epica, Obituary, Ahab, Wheel, Envy & much more!
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Welcome to the To The Teeth newsletter! Your weekly update of new heavy music. You can listen to almost everything in the playlist on Spotify. Peppers are hot 🌶️! If you like what you read and want help keep this in the air: please head over to Patreon or buy my compilation, The Taste of Teeth.
RIP Pascal from Faal.

New albums
Dream Unending - Secret Grief
Dream Unending - Secret Grief
🌶️ Dream Unending (atmospheric doom/death from the USA - w/ members of Tomb Mold, Innumerable Forms. FFO: Paradise Lost, Mournful Congregation, Ahab)
Of course the opener is 14 minutes long, and of course the last song is 16 minutes long! As it should be with this kind of music. It grows like mountains, but comes crushing down just as well. Also they’ve got Leila Abdul-Rauf playing the trumpet somewhere on this album. It’s a lot to unpack, and worth it.
🌶️ Wheel (prog from Finland/the UK. FFO: eh.. Tool, Soen, Oceans of Slumber)
Yes, what if Tool, but darker? Soen but concise? Oceans of Slumber but punchy? All of that but with strings? Or or just great prog with an outstanding rhythm section and a versatile singer? Spin the Wheel.
🌶️ Epica (symphonic from The Netherlands - feat. all kinds of guests)
Epica is just having heeps of fun with some friends on this new ep. It’s unmistakably Epica, but you haven’t heard them as heavy as in the track with the guys from God Dethroned and Aborted. I also love the track with Charlotte Wessels and Myrkur, plus there’s people from Fleshgod Apocalypse, Shining, Powerwolf, Insomnium, Mayan, Damnation Plan, Soilwork and Kamelot here. Epica having fun is fun Epica!
There’s more: An ep from Envy (screamo/post-hardcore from Japan), Spider God (🌶️ melodic black from the UK), L.S. Dunes (alternative/post-hardcore from the USA - members of My Chemical Romance, Coheed & Cambria, Thursday, Circa Surive), Fell Ruin (black/doom from the USA), Haavard (🌶️ dark folk from Norway - member of Ulver (and ex-Satyricon and Dold Vorde Ens Navn) doing Kveldssanger II), Constellatia (blackgaze from South-Africa), Xentrix (thrash from the UK), Kampfar (pagan black from Norway), Casket Robbery (brutal death from the USA), Inverted Matter (prog death from Italy), Warkings (power from Austria/Germany/Switzerland), a live album from Undeath (death from the USA), plus a compilation of 130+ black metal acts in support of the lgbtq-community: Black Metal Rainbows.
It's international singles day!
Obituary- The Wrong Time
Obituary- The Wrong Time
There are new songs out from: Obituary (🌶️ death from the Usa), Ahab (🌶️ funeral doom from Germany - feat. Ultha-singer Chris Dark), Lamp of Murmuur (🌶️ black from the USA), Woods of Desolation (black from Australia), Cryptae (death/doom/noise from The Netherlands), Jade (atmospheric death from Spain), Scalp (blackened grind from the USA) and Fvnerals (ambient/doom from Germany).
Also, Opeth playing Black Rose Immortal for the first time live is something we should be talking about. I’m going to see it next week and I already have goosebumps from the video.
Non-metal & next week
Non-metal album of the week: Meskerem Mees (folk from Belgium)
I’m looking forward to next week because of: -(16)-, Candlemass, Gaupa & Skythala.
Have a great weekend people - Peter
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