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🌶️ To The Teeth: an immersive experience on a boat & a knotty mathcore crossbreed

🌶️ To The Teeth: an immersive experience on a boat & a knotty mathcore crossbreed
By To The Teeth • Issue #52 • View online
Welcome to the To The Teeth newsletter. I’ll bring you up to date with new heavy music. As always: listen to almost everything at the playlist on Spotify, check out the Facebook page and for support please head over to Patreon! Peppers are hot, hot hot.
Quick and short this week! I’ve got little time and not a lot of releases. I’ll pick out a few, the rest is in the playlist!

Two new albums you should hear this week
Kauan - Raivo
Kauan - Raivo
🌶️ Kauan - Ice Fleet (folk/doom/post from Russia, listen).
An exceptionally immersive, compelling and atmospheric affair. Look at the boat on the cover, and imagine yourself on your back on the deck, the motor turned off, and not a worry in the world.
🌶️ Zao - The Crimson Corridor (math/metalcore from the USA, listen).
Coming and rising beyond the *gasp* christian metalcore scene, Zao are one of the most interesting bands from that corner, to me. Knotty, jumpy and experimental, but super sludgy here and there.
More albums in the playlist: The Lion’s Daughter, Primal Fear, Phlebomotized, Nith, Soothsayer, Wheel, Manbryne, Forsmán, Les Chants du Hasard, Inoculation, Manbryne, Horndal & more.
New singles
Boss Keloid - Gentle Clovis
Boss Keloid - Gentle Clovis
Hot singles waiting to chat with you in the playlist: Helloween, Cirith Ungol, Withered, Sabaton, Red Fang, Boss Keloid, Kataan, Hideous Divinity, Impaled Nazarene, Blackbriar, Jordfäst, Thyring, Birdflesh, Crypta & more.
Next week
Non-metal album of the week: Spirit of the Beehive - Entertainment, Death (experimental/fucked up rock)
I’m looking forward to next week because of: Cannibal Corpse, Spectral Wound & Endseeker.
Have a great weekend! - Peter
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