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🌶️ To The Teeth: Abbath, Dream Widow, Mystifier, Eucharist, Opeth & Floor Jansen

🌶️ To The Teeth: Abbath, Dream Widow, Mystifier, Eucharist, Opeth & Floor Jansen
By To The Teeth • Issue #88 • View online
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There are some weeks I can’t find anything I like to point out. This week is different. Great week!

New albums
Abbath - Dream Cull
Abbath - Dream Cull
🌶️ Abbath (black from Norway) (FFO: Immortal, Mayhem)
This dude was and is so important to remind us that black metal can be fun and brutal at the same time. I’m not sure yet if I think this record is on par with his first two, but at least it’s fun and brutal.
🌶️ Dream Widow (thrash from the USA) (FFO: Dave Grohl)
Mysterious band! No it’s not, this is Dave Grohl having fun with his old love: metal. Grohl knows how to write a good song ánd you can hear he genuinly loves the riffs, without really letting go of his poppy leanings. I’m a little disappointed that not everything is as heavy as ‘March of the Insane’, but this is still good stuff I would’ve dug if it was an band of unknowns for sure.
🌶️ Desolate Shrine (death from Finland) (FFO: Sulphur Aeon)
Check out the perfect riff, in ‘Echoes in the Hall of Vanity’ just around the 3:50 mark. It’s so, so good.
🌶️ Mystifier & Luficer’s Child (black/death from Brazil & black from Greece) (FFO: Varathron, Mortuary Drape)
This is the first split from the legendary Mystifier since 1993, and it’s great. I don’t know if I’m happier with Mystifier being gloriously themselves, or discovering I really like Lucifer’s Child.
There’s more: Falls of Rauros (🌶️ black/folk from the USA), Animals as Leaders (instrumental prog from the USA), Eucharist (melodeath/black from Sweden), Father Befouled (death from the USA), Soul Glo (🌶️ hardcore/screamo/rap from the USA), Absent in Body (sludge/post from the USA - members of Neurosis, Amenra, Iggor Cavalera), Astral Tomb (death/drugs from the USA), Chaos Invocation (black from Germany), Daemon Lord (heavy/speed from Peru), Kvaen (black/viking from Sweden), Heltekvad (black from Denmark), MWWB (doom/stoner from the UK - formerly known as Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard), a split from Glass Coffin & Threshing Spirit (both black from the USA), Bomber (heavy from Sweden), and Nite (black/heavy from the USA).
New singles
Septicflesh - Neuromancer
Septicflesh - Neuromancer
There are new songs out from: Evergrey (prog/power from Sweden), Floor Jansen (symphonic from the Netherlands - solo work from the Nightwish singer), Meshuggah (tech/djent from Sweden), No/Más (grind/death from the USA), Somali Yacht Club (psych/post from Ukraine 🌻), Septicflesh (symphonic death from Greece), Zola Jesus (dark… things from the USA), Luminous Vault (death/black/industrial from the USA), Powerwolf (power from Germany), Ibaraki (metalcore/black from the USA - Matt Heafy’s project, this time feat. Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance), Yatra (sludge/doom from the USA), Djevelkult (black from Norway), Freja (black from The Netherlands), Portrayal of Guilt (post-hardcore/black from the USA), Revenant Marquis (raw black/ambient from the UK), Assumption (doom/death from Italy), Gott (psych/doom from the Netherlands - members of The Devil’s Blood, Severe Torture, Ggu:ll, Dodecahedron) and Sepulchral Curse (🌶️ blackened death from Finland).
Plus: Opeth (🌶️ prog from Sweden) has released an In Cauda Venenum b-side that was on an ep that you can only get with the new box version of the ICV album. Meaning: fanboys who bought the box version early - me - could only get the ep by buying the same expensive box version for a second time. Fucked up, I hope this song means the ep gets a proper release. Anyway, the song truly is amazing. The Swedish version was a Decibel flexi track.
Non-metal & next week
Non-metal album of the week: Guerilla Toss (alt rock from the USA)
I’m looking forward to next week because of: Meshuggah, Satan, Bhleg & Golgothan Remains.
Have a great weekend people, stay safe - Peter
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