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Techstars Startup Digest Toronto - The nice person's Silicon Valley

Good morning, Toronto startups and entrepreneurs! Last week we learned that OneEleven might soon retu
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Techstars Startup Digest Toronto
Techstars Startup Digest Toronto
Locally curated talks, workshops, and other events for those interested in creating a startup, growing one, or who want to connect with startups in the Greater Toronto Area.
Good morning, Toronto startups and entrepreneurs! Last week we learned that OneEleven might soon return. This week Google for Startups announced that it’s bringing its women-focused accelerator to Canada and the US. Around 16% of founders are women, with all-women teams accounting for 2.9% of total startup investments. (For Black women founders and teams, it’s an even more abysmal 4% and 0.06%, respectively.) Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders aims to increase the number of women-led startups. It’s set to launch over the next few months.
On a different note, MIT Technology Review published an article last week titled “Toronto would like to be seen as the nice person’s Silicon Valley, if that’s not too much trouble.” It applies the stereotype of the polite and reserved Canadian to Toronto’s startups:
Canada has its own techno-mythology. Instead of tech bros, it has a workforce portrayed as diverse, reserved, and polite. Where Silicon Valley prizes trend-setting consumer products, Toronto’s startups tend to be more focused on services and products for business and government clients that are less likely to capture the public imagination. Where California produces “unicorns,” private tech companies valued at a billion dollars or more, Canadian techies speak of building “narwhals”—named for the small, reclusive whales, with long tusks sprouting from their heads, that roam Arctic waters.
If you’ve visited American tech startups, have you noticed a difference in style and drive?

Community Opportunities
Here are some upcoming deadlines for applying to accelerators, grants and funding, or other competitions. Don’t miss out! If you know of others, please submit any application deadlines and I’ll post them if they’re relevant.
How She Hustles is excited to produce the 2nd annual Startup & Slay digital series featuring Canada’s diverse women entrepreneurs. Apply now to include your story about starting, sustaining and scaling your small business, despite these uncertain economic times. Winning entrepreneurs will be featured in weekly video chats during October’s Small Business Month 2020. We welcome applications from non-binary entrepreneurs while we work on a more gender inclusive framework for How She Hustles.

Have a great week, and stay well!
As a leader, you’re faced with endless time pressures, both in running your business and in maintaining the connections that are essential to your personal life. Are you finding it next to impossible to get everything done? Join us for our COVID-19 Innovators Series session on time management & work-life balance. Judy Chang, Founder of Pivot Perspectives & Program Advisor for YSpace Food Accelerator, will discuss prioritization strategies, and share some essential steps to gain better control of your time during the pandemic.

Learn more about the challenges and opportunities with scaling innovation in a quickly changing world. With normal practices out the window, companies are focusing their attention on survivability and liquidity. And yet, difficult times always present new openings for clear-thinking entrepreneurs. Each week, we’ll discuss how you can take advantage. Jared Gordon (AngelList, Faculty of Change) highlights the latest trends in innovation with a series of special guests.

Owning a business is a dream for many people. Every new business starts with an idea. This interactive workshop will help you have a step-by-step overview of what you need to do to make it happen. The session will help get you started on pulling together the things you’ll need to get your business started.

Entrepreneurship Connections® helps newcomers who plan to start a business in Canada. If you have owned or operated a business outside Canada, or would like to launch one here, this innovative and informative program will assist you with setting up a successful small business in the Canadian market. Join us to learn more about the program!   •   Share

Employers are now exploring entirely new models for work, with digital options at the forefront. But what does that new normal look like for companies that rely on physical space to operate? This is a conversation on how to best return to the workplace. Businesses impacted may include those with operations in manufacturing, hardware, research and development, retail and more. 

This webinar will provide a brief overview on applying for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, Temporary Wage Subsidy for Employers and the Work-Sharing Program, as well as provide general business support. The format of the webinar is a brief presentation followed by a Question and Answer period.

Discover the untold stories about successful fundraising rounds, with firsthand accounts from the people in the room. You’ll hear from each side — the founder and the investor — about the process of closing a deal. You’ll also learn more about the ongoing relationships that drive businesses forward. Each week, TechTO’s Alex Norman interviews buzzworthy founders and investors.
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