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Productivity Tips, Life Quotes and Free ebook

Newsletter dispatch from ToolsonCloud
Newsletter dispatch from ToolsonCloud
Dear Readers,
Cheers to the wonderful week you had last week and wish you a happy weekend ahead. Here are some interesting reads from our social media channels. Hope you will like it…

Reading improves your motivation
People who read books tend to be very highly motivated individuals.
Do you know the reason?
It takes a huge amount of motivation to go from Page 1 to the end of the book without losing enthusiasm in between.
Isn’t it the same with life as well?
Life Quotes for you
We do not need magic to change the world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already. – J.K. Rowling
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An organization succeeds when they create best practice a standard practice.
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Productivity Tips for you
If you run a business, gifting your employees a diary or notebook or a scribbling pad can bring out different productivity among your team.
While working on something, you have a racing mind.
1000s of thoughts and ideas will come and disappear.
Often many of those thoughts would appear in broken bits and pieces that you cannot capitalize at that moment.
Once you start scribbling, writing small bits and pieces of some wonderful ideas…
After some days you will be able to connect the dots, form a chain of thoughts.
And this chain of thoughts transforms into something creative, something innovative.
Office Engagement Idea
Offices are reopening, you are going to meet your colleagues again.
Here is one office engagement idea to break the ice.
Conduct a Doodling game event among your party probably in teams or individually or both one after another.
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Product Updates
  1. Instant messenger added to our website and support pages. You can contact us anytime and get responses immediately.
  2. New video tutorials are added in our Youtube channel
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Newsletter dispatch from ToolsonCloud
Newsletter dispatch from ToolsonCloud @toolsoncloud

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