This Week in Tom Merritt

By Tom Merritt

Wondering what Tom Merritt is up to? Podcasts! Books! Tacos! He'll tell you.

Wondering what Tom Merritt is up to? Podcasts! Books! Tacos! He'll tell you.

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You Meet the Nicest People in Podcasting

Hey folks, One of the most enjoyable things I've experienced being part of this crazy podcastign world for the past 17 years is getting to know new amazing people.Sometimes, like with Scott Johnson or Rich Stroffolino it's because they were listening to one o…


Tom Explains the Ethereum Merge and Gets a bnew iPhone 14

I just got a new iPhone 14 Pro Max. I got it because I wanted to get an iPhone with a bigger screen. So I waited until they announced a new one, and got it. It's not really much different in other ways than my previous iPhone 12, but the screen is definitely …


Tom Fights Covid and Learns to Research

Hey there,I did two things that I'm pretty proud of this week. One was publish the episode of "A Word" with writer Mallory O'Meara. Mallory's a great person. I met her at DragonCon years ago and she has been nice enough to stay in touch over the years and be …


You Can't Miss "A Word" with Brian Brushwood

I'm so excited for you to listen to this week's episode of "A Word." Brian Brushwood is one of my best friends, but beyond that he's an incredibly smart guy who really thinks about the world around him. You'll hear that in our conversation about Ambition.We t…


Why Tom Merritt Is Listening to Vinyl RIGHT NOW - Issue #61

Hey folks,Thursday, when I was *not* on DTNS, Roger, Sarah, Rich and Justin got in a discussion on the extended show about listening to music on vinyl. The usual points came up. It has a warm sound. It's not better than CDs. People do it out of a sense of nos…


Tom Ends a Gig, But Gains Wisdom, Maybe? - Issue #60

Hey there,You hanging in there? Hope so. A long-time gig of mine just ended. It was a mutual decision, but still. I'll miss it. I did it for 8 years. No more Top 5 at Tech Republic from me. They're changing and I'm changing and the whole world is changing. So…


Tom Merritt is Vacating- Issue #59

Hello folks,I am about to head off on a thing people in the US call a "vacation." Some people in Europe may know it as "holiday." When you work for yourself such a thing is very indulgent and can come with loads of feelings of guilt. So to assuage that guilt …


Why Tom Merritt's Cardiology Trip Ended in Bread

Hey folks,Hope you're having a good week. This was one of those weeks where I finished up a lot of personal stuff that had been hanging over me. I had my last cardiology screening and got a clean bill of health for the old ticker. Now we have a good baseline…


Roger Chang is the Best

I've liked Roger Chang for a long time. He's good people. He was one of the very first people I met at ZDTV way back in 1999, he's the only person I've had a continuous uninterrupted podcast with since 2005. And if I had to move a body he'd be the person I'd …


Tom Merritt Has a Heart!

Hey folks,Man I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with the response to A Word with Tom Merritt. I have had such an atypical internet experience around it. By that I mean people sending me tweets saying they liked it and they're really excited to listen to the…


A Word with Tom Merritt

Hey folks,Remember a couple weeks back when I mentioned I was launching a talk show. Well it launched!It's called " A Word with Tom Merritt." I had the crazy idea of doing a talk show where I talked to smart, interesting folks about how they think about thing…


It's Going to Be OK - Issue #54

It will be OK.When I say that, I don't mean to diminish the real problems. In fact, 23-year-old me is scoffing right now and thinking, "you shouldn't say that if you can't make sure it's true."But somewhere along the line, I cottoned on to the fact that the w…


Tom Merritt Is Close to Doing a Talk Show

Hey folks,Is it Friday already? I cannot believe how fast things went this week. I feel like I *just* now wrote the K-drama recommendations for Brian. Any of you like any of those? Did you try any of them/ let me know. Just respond tot he email! I'd love to h…


What K-Drama Tom Thinks Brian Should Watch

My friend Brian asked me to pick him one Korean drama to watch. He's already watched Squid Game. So Brian, skip down to the end for the pick.Here's some of the things that I considered on the way to that decision.DP - It's a short and action-packed story of a…


Tom is Having So Much Fun With His Tech Newsletter

Hey all,I've really been having fun writing things for the new tech sub stack at (Like TechTime but Tom) I know I need to spend more time prettying it up and doing things to make it better for generating subscriptions. But I'm always foc…


Tom Merritt loves his podcasting family - Issue #50

I love my podcasting family. This week I was on the call for DTNS-- I can't remember if it was live or not-- but Justin was there. I got an email from our good friend Brian Brushwood that had the subject line "159 Krakens left." For some reason it caught my f…


Tom Merritt Has a New Newsletter

Hope you enjoyed that. I know I did.This week's newsletter is a collection of things. Starting with the music of course. Many of you have kindly asked how Rey the dog is doing. She's doing GREAT. Back to her old self and hungry as heck. Thanks for all the wel…


Tom Merritt Sings About Urology - Issue #48

Hey folks,I'm old. Those of you older than me will scoff and that's fine. You earned it.But I went to the doctor for my regular checkup and she said, "You're test results are great! Everything looks awesome." And I thought, "Excellent. I'm out of here. See yo…


Why Tom Merritt flew in and out of Vegas in One Day

Hey folks,This past Wednesday I took the day off of DTNS and flew to Las Vegas for The Morning Stream meetup. To be clear, I flew out of LAX at 7 AM and flew back to LAX at 6PM. All in one day.Which means I missed the Tuesday evening get together and the actu…


Tom Merritt Has Had a Week - Issue #46

Hi,Do you mind if I whine just a little? Because this was a week.Last weekend was awesome. My wife and I went to see BTS in Las Vegas and had a blast. Even got to have brunch with Mitzula. Then we got home. Some of you may have heard me talk about this here a…