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You Meet the Nicest People in Podcasting

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Hey folks,
One of the most enjoyable things I’ve experienced being part of this crazy podcastign world for the past 17 years is getting to know new amazing people.
Sometimes, like with Scott Johnson or Rich Stroffolino it’s because they were listening to one of my shows and started sending in super fun and smart comments. Sometimes, like with Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young, it’s because someone I know works with them on somethign and says “hey you might really like what they’re doing.”
And sometimes it’s because somebody recommends their work, I listen, and I like what they do so much I just find a reason to get the on one of my shows.
That’s what just happened with Howard Mortman. The aforementioned Justin Robert Young recommended CSPAN’s The Weekly to me, because he knew I’m a sucker for a short sound bite-filled show with a historical take on politics. And he was right.
Then Justin went on got the host, the aforementioned Howard Mortman, to be on Politics Politics Politics. That interview convinced me that Howard Mortman was not only ANOTHER of the nicest people in podcasting, but also whip smart and full of historical insight.
So I reached out to see if he’d come on “A Word with Tom Merritt.” And he did! He’s an excellent human, and I highly recommend you listen to our conversation around the word transparency. we talk about C-SPAN’s role in providing transparency and more broadly why it’s important and increasingly rare.
I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
Now I shall go outside and roast in the 93-degree autumn heat. Pumpkin Spice weather indeed!

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