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You Can't Miss "A Word" with Brian Brushwood

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
I’m so excited for you to listen to this week’s episode of “A Word.” Brian Brushwood is one of my best friends, but beyond that he’s an incredibly smart guy who really thinks about the world around him. You’ll hear that in our conversation about Ambition.
We talk about a lot of pretty personal stuff in this interview, including family issues, his own personal diagnoses and why he no longer thinks about death every night before he goes to sleep.
I really like Ross’s take on the episode.
And not for nothing, as Brian likes to say, I’m incredibly thankful that Brian felt comfortable enough to talk to me about all these things and let you listen in. We gave him the option of cutting stuff out but he didn’t take it. It’s all in there. You’re going to learn something. So enjoy. And be sure to thank @shwood.
Thanks brother.

Ambition - Brian Brushwood
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