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Why Tom Merritt's Cardiology Trip Ended in Bread

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Hey folks,
Hope you’re having a good week. This was one of those weeks where I finished up a lot of personal stuff that had been hanging over me. I had my last cardiology screening and got a clean bill of health for the old ticker. Now we have a good baseline for what my heart should loo like so if anything crops up in the future we’ll have it for comparison. Won’t need to do all that for another couple of years.
My cardiologist’s office is right across the street from Tartine. Tartine is an amazing bakery. So when I finished my appointment and got the sign-off on my heart I marched right across the street and bought a brownie, pain au chocloat, and a loaf of Buttermilk bread. I had the restrain to not eat any of it until I got home. I even split the brownie and the pain au chocolat with my wife Eileen. The Buttermilk Bread has been eaten on its own, as a grilled cheese, with cream cheese, and with cream cheese and tomatoes. Thanks cardiologist!
I also got the car fluids (oil, transmission etc.) all up to date for a driving trip Eileen and I are taking in a couple of weekends. Hondo the 2014 Honda Civic is ready for his first road trip!
We also took care of re-shooting videos for the Daily Tech News Show Patreon and Twitch channel. So be on the look out for them! Joe is working hard on them now.
And Charlotte Henry had me on her podcast The Addition! We talked about Netflix and a little about my new show “A Word.” Speaking of “A Word” The next round of episodes are coming soon including Brian Ibbott from Coverville and TMS, Ron Richards from iFanBoy and Marvel and Brian Brushwood from Modern Rogue, Scam School and Cordkillers. Keep an ear out.
Have a great weekend y'all!

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Tom Merritt
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