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Why Tom Merritt is Wrong About Meta

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Hey folks,
Man are people cynical about Meta. To me it’s a smart move by a big company to help differentiate messaging about multiple products, particularly the legacy product your comapny is known for. It’s different than Alphabet. Google didn’t care if you thought of the company as Google and really they still don’t. Alphabet was formed to provide a betetr corporate separation for individual companies like Waymo and Wing and such. Meta has a different problem. They aren’t dividing VR and AI and Social into spearate companies. But they do want you to think about Facebook separately form the quest and AR glasses and such. And when the corporation does something it isn’t always motivated by the social network so it’s clearer to have a separate name for that.
But that’s coming from a perspective of someone who doesn’t hate or love Facebook. Who really doesn’t think of them much at all as he barely uses them. I don’t blame Facebook for the breakdown of society and democratic values. I think they’ve had an effect and I’d desperately like some actual study of how and what effect they actually have. But I’m not jumping to conclusions just because I don’t like them. I know. That makes me an apostate and persona non grata in some circles.
Short version I’ve been running into a lot of having to explain myself when I say I don’t think changing the name to Meta was a dumb idea or an attempt to fool you somehow. Along those lines we had Bloomberg and Tech’s Message’s Nate Lanxon on the show this week to tell us what the Metaverse is. And speaking of Meta, as much as they want you think of them when you think Metaverse they have a long way to go before they are deserving of that. We’ll tell you on the show this week on a couple of episodes who IS worth thinking about as building the metaverse. And hey maybe someday Meta will deserve to be considered one of them!
Really quick before I wind upa few more things I did this week that were fun. One was talking to Rishi Bee on his Healthrospective podcast about Twin Peaks. And the health repurcussions thereof. Good news! Coffee is probably good for you!
I’m deep into National Novel Writing Month right now but that hasn’t stopped me from continuing the podcast of The Girl at the Bottom of the Lake. It’s not quite halfway through so you can jump in now and catch up quick!
And in what has become one of my most popular Top 5’s ever, I tell you a few things to think about before you die. I mean there are a lot of things to think about but these are things to do about your tech before you’re gone. You know. Because you can take care of it now before you can’t. And your friends and family will be better off for it.
All right fine folk. I’m off to enjoy the weekend. I hope you do too.

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Tom Merritt
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