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What Tom Merritt Thinks about Twitter

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
hey, so did you here about this Twitter thing? Yeah turns out they got bought by some really rich guy who also owns a car company and, if I’m reading this right, a rocket company?
Anyway I only heard about it because they’re rumored to be shutting down Revue which I use to make this newsletter. Lamarr tipped me off to that. (Hi Lamarr!) Gosh I hope they don’t shut it down.
OK the only part of that that was serious was that Lamarr told me about the rumour they might shut down Revue. And that I do the newsletter on Revue.
So first, I hope they don’t shut it down, but if they do I’ll move this to another platform. Any ideas? Let me know. I moved it once from Mailchimp so we can move it again.
Second, here’s what I think about Twitter. A lot of folks are spending a lot of time writing fan fiction in their heads about the worst thing that could happen and then acting as if that’s inevitable. And then when a bad thing does happen, they point to it to justify their worst case scenario.
It’s kind of hard to argue with that. Because there’s no consequence for holding that belief. If you’re wrong about anything you can just say “well it’s still really bad, so I wasn’t really wrong.”
But it’s not useful. I think people exaggerate things and then lose sight of the good things. That doesn’t mean the bad things don’t also happen. But then the good things don’t balance them out. And that ends up making the good things that do happen less effective and motivates people not to do good things. Because why bother? You won’t get credit for them.
So to deal with all that I hold myself to only react to things that actually happen. Twitter kept on it’s trust and safety officer and Elon Musk complimented him, even though he has been a target of the right wing. Good thing. Showing confidence in somebody who’s good.
Twitter also appears to have laid off about 50% of its workforce. That appears bad. That’s a lot of wisdom lost. It’s hard to get a firm answer on who actually is gone though, so I’ll hold off panicing. But that seems like a pretty deep cut.
Everything else. Moderation, allowing people back on platforms, and everything else. I have no opinion on yet. Because it hasn’t been decided. That’s where I am. Shout at me if yo must. But I shall make my decisions based on things that happen not things that might or things people say. It’s how I deal.
You should deal with it the way that is best for you of course. But if you were curious, that’s me.

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