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What the Heck Is Resizeable BAR anyway?

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Hey folks,
Started a secret thing this week! So that’s all I can tell you about that! But if you heard me playing a segment from 2006 of me on MSNBC’s countdown with Keith Olberman, well, it’s related to that.
But enough about THAT secret thing. How about this OTHER secret thing. The audio book from Project VERA is just two chapters away from being done. So close! Cannot wait to share it with you.
Know A Little More focused on Resizeable BAR this week. If you’ve heard that phrase bandied about related to GPUs and gaming, listen in and get the scoop on what it means and when it may eventually make a difference.
Oh! And last Saturday we premiered the first of the July Seniors in Tech series! Dr. Niki talks with Allison Sheridan. Definitely give a listen to hear tales of early engineering and later programming skills acquisition!
Otherwise it was a short week with the Independence Day Holiday in the US, so we had fewer shows than usual. But that said we made up for it by bringing Owen JJ Stone aka OhDoctah in for not one but two shows! Always a treat to get Owen on the show and he hasn’t lost a step.
We cleared up the confusion around the Audacity privacy policy and figured out if Mmhmm can shorten our work week.

Seniors in Tech: Allison Sheridan
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