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What the heck is a browser cookie anyway?

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Hey folks,
It was a busy week! Kicked it off in style with a double dose of Charlotte Henry from mac Observer. We had Charlotte on DTNS Monday and then Charlotte was kind enough to have me on her Media+ podcast Tuesday to talk about Apple’s TV sports strategy. I think we solved a lot of things for them. Still waiting for Tim Cook’s call.
We are so close to my new audio book “Project VERA” coming out on Audible. If you want a second slice, head over to my writer’s Patreon for a sample of Chapter 2 (Chapter 1 is there too).
And of course, I love every episode of Know A Little More equally, … but this latest one about Cookies is pretty delicious. Even some grizzled old admins who you’d think wouldn’t be impressed by such a pedestrian topic, told me they liked it.
Also Darren Kitchen came on DTNS to show us the tech he uses in his van! You won’t believe how good his internet is just driving aroudn the country!
Now I’m off to bask in the glory of waiting for a notary to arrive so I can sign mortgage papers. Hooray!

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Tom Merritt
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