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What Does Apocalyptic Mean Anymore Anyway?

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Hi folks,
I had a really fun week of podcasting this week, including taping an episode of Rishi Bee’s health-oriented podcast while talking Twin Peaks. More on that soon.
But first a serious topic. Security. This may not be for all of you but some of you are trying to keep your co-workers secure while a lot of them are still working remote. I did a Top 5 tips for remote security for Tech Republic that might be handy.
The highlight of my week was being on Dan Campos show talking about how we view apocalyptic stories in this pandemic and somewhat apocalyptic world we live in. Always love being on a show with Dan and he had an all-star lineup of authors that it was a privilege to be include with. Check out our post-apocalyptic discussion on Palomazos S1E150 - Post Apocalyptic Past.
Also Google is pushing the RCS protocol for text messaging. Something Apple doesn’t support. But RCS is a standard, not a Google thing. If you want the whole mess explained, I have an episode of Know A Little More About RCS.
Finally, the audio book of the Girl at the Bottom of the Lake rolls on at my writer’s Patreon. Chapters 16-17 really change everything around as Kel does something only a Dimension Ranger should be able to do.
Hope you’re having a great weekend. Hang in there everybody!

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Tom Merritt
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