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War is not good for anyone

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Hi folks,
It may sound naive but war is never the answer. And I don’t just mean for the losing side. No side in a war comes out of a war better than they day it started. Now it is arguable that after a war, society may bounce back stronger. It may be that the reminder of the horrors of war calms down certain self-destructive behaviors of humanity. I don’t think that’s a good reason to go to war though.
War kills people. Valuable people whose potential we will never know. War is bad for everyone’s economy. War destroys resources. It doesn’t create things. Again, it may lead to a boom but only when the war is over. And the boom is only a result of the cessation of war, not because of its conduct. I don’t personally think it’s worth starting a war so we can have the benefit of ending it. It’s a net loss.
One defense of war is self-defense. If you’re being attacked perhaps war is justified. You’re trying to defend yourself. If you surrender is that not worse? I think there are always other options but usually defenders of war can point to the aggressor and say they left no options. So I may be wrong. But I feel like war is a failure of imagination more than it is a necessity. We never talk about the wars that never happened because of a deft piece of diplomacy or a brilliant strategic move. Because they never happened. We only talk about the wars we were unable to avoid.
But even so I oppose war in all forms. Perhaps there are times when it is unavoidable. Perhaps there are times when I would feel forced to fight. In fact I know there are. But war in those cases are failures not necessities.
I am against war. And the more people who express that opinion. The harder it is for the few to force the many to fight them.
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