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Tom, What the heck is Eurovision anyway?

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Hello folks,
This past weekend I took part in a tradition of mine that I’ve been engaging in since 2007. I watched Eurovision. Now back in 2007 it was tricky to watch Eurovision. Nobody int he US knew what it was and you had to use the internet and some clever chicanery to do it. These days you can just turn on Peacock.
Those of you from Europe, Australia and Isareal already know what Eurovision is. for the uninitiated, it’s a European signing contest (that slo includes Israel and Australia– long story) that is both ridiculous and sublime. For every impressive ballad diva you get a group of Polish milkmaids. For every talented rock band you get a singer dressed as a Russian nesting doll on a bicycle.
And those are just the last few years. It’s a spectacle like no other. I say this not to persuade you to join me in watching next year, though I do think many of you would have a good time. I just say it to explain my otherwise inexplicable tweets from the weekend.

Tom Merritt
I'm curious why the Prime Minister did not negotiate harder to include one Eurovision jury vote as a part of the Brexit agreement
Tom Merritt
Oh France. You stopped me in my tracks. DAMN
Tom Merritt
So far Russia is winning my heart, Malta my ears
Enough about Eurovision. I did some stuff i really enjoyed this week. May I tell you about it?
Justin Robert Young texted me this week and invited me back on POlitics Politics Politics to talk about Ransomware. Though we also did a little check in on UK politics as well. It’s an excellent overview of what ransomware is, why politicians are finally paying attention and whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson will ever really get in trouble for anything he says.
Politics Politics Politics Episode 179: Do we overuse the term "Dog whistle" in politics?
Scorpion by Christian Cantrell
I met Christian Cantrell in the 1990s in Austin when I was doing a web version of my parody news zine. He now has published four books and is an accomplished tech designer. I had such a good time talking to him about his new book, Scorpion. It’s a technological thriller that deals with blockchain, AR/VR, surveillance state issues, encryption and really creative ways to assassinate people. You can see the event on demand thanks Mysterious Galaxy bookstore in San Diego.
Virtual Event - Christian Cantrell discussing Scorpion - Crowdcast
Roger Redesigned Our About Page
And this isn’t something I did but I’m really proud of it anyway. A few weeks back, Roger Chang, EP of DTNS suggested we redesign ourt DTNS About page to, you know, be up to date and useful. He did that and it looks great now! Go take a look.
ABOUT US – Daily Tech News Show
All right folks. I’m off to watch Jupiter Rising on Netflix. Wait, is that what it’s called? No, Jupiter’s Legacy. This may be a spoiler for my opinion of it so far.
FB Deli Slices The Truth - DTNS 4040
Amazon's Business of Everything - DTNS 4039
Judge Decision will be Epic - DTNS 4038
Have you been Password Pwned? – DTNS 4041 – Daily Tech News Show
Top 5 things to know about government digital coins - TechRepublic
Cordkillers 362 – I’ve Warnered You
Cicada Toast - It's a Thing 164
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Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt @acedtect

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