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Tom Merritt Wants to Start a New Podcast

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
I want to start a new podcast.
What? What’s that everyone is saying?
I know.
And maybe I should do something about that. But which one should I stop huh? Answer me that!
In the meantime I’m definitely going to start this new one while I figure out how to make time and space for it. I know a few things about what I want this new one to be.
  1. Conversations. Wide ranging conversations that explore how we think about the major concerns of the world today. I want to have guests of all kinds, from people I know I have good conversations with already - my current cohosts and the like– to experts int heir field, to people who are famous for having interesting perspectives.
  2. It’s going to be called A Word with Tom Merritt. (Hat tip to Justin Robert Young who helped me nail down that name)
  3. I’m getting Jenn Cutter and Anthony Lemos (Amos) to help me make it. They’re part of Subrilliant LLC, which makes DTNS already and they’re awesome folks who are willing to give it a whirl.
  4. It will be pre-recorded, not live, and loosely weekly, but on a schedule of publishing when we have a good episode, not requiring us to scramble to get an episode out every week.
  5. Audio only. Just easier to get guests and to produce that way.
Here are some things I’m thinking about but haven’t decided yet. Jenn and Amos will have a big say in these.
  1. Funding. Patreon? Ads? Both? Direct donations? Something else?
  2. One big open interview or conversation with regular segments or bits. That last is the idea that late night talk show people use where they do a game or a “five questions” or something with the guest in addition to the general interview. I’ve been kicking around “reactions to the news” and other stuff.
  3. Themes? I intend to focus on a starting topic with each guest but should that be loose and see where the conversation takes us? Or should there be “A word” guiding each episode. Maybe after the recording we determine the word and that becomes the title?
  4. One on one or panels? I was thinking it might be fun to have occasional panel guests. Particularly from podcasts I enjoy. So get Jeff and Anthony from We Have Concerns. Get the whole This Week in Science crew. Etc.
When? I don’t know. I spent January setting the plan for DTNS in 2022. So this is my next thing. Once the DTNS Survey is done I’ll turn my attention to this. Just curious what you thought.
Enjoy the Super Bowl on Sunday if you partake. Go Bengals.

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