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Tom Merritt Wants to Save Your Life

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Hey folks,
I have but one wish this weekend. That you. Yes you, reading this right now– would tell someone you love– ok– tell them that you love them, actually. That’s important.
So I guess I have two wishes.
Tell someone you love that you love them, and, well– actually–while you’re at it, tell them you appreciate them too. Because you want them to know it’s not just some kind of blind love that’s like a burden or anything. You want them to know it comes from a place of true respect and appreciation
So three things.
Just three things.
1. Tell someone you love them.
2. Add that you appreciate them.
I know the last one there seems kind of self-promotional but hear me out. Jen is a BLAST to talk to first of all, so you’re just going to have a good time listening to her. But also, we talk abouu our fixation on disaster, from movies to go bags.
She plays a game with her husband, that, I’m not going to lie, probably keeps their marriage healthy and might someday save their life.
Look. I’m not going to guarantee that listening to this episode of A Word with Tom Merritt will save your life. But can you afford to miss it? Just in case?

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Tom Merritt
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