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Tom Merritt Talked Apple

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Hey folks,
A LOT of autumn planning happening around the old podcast studio. After DTNS’s experiment week we’re turning a few of those shows into shows of their own or segments of other shows. Dan Campos’s Special report on Pegasus will be in NTX en español. And BBQ and Tech and The Tech Jawn are in planning stages to become spinoff shows of their own. More to come on those and more.
Probably one of the most fun things I did this week was chat about Apple news with Bart Busschots on his Let’s Talk Apple podcast. He covers the Apple news every month, and while you might expect August to be a slow month it was not. You can get our takes on the app store laws out of Korea and of course the big Apple CSAM scanning controversy. Go take a listen at
Sword and Laser also returned after a three week break with a substantive wrap up of our read of The Ruthless Lady’s Guide to Wizardry. Although Veronica couldn’t resist calling the episode Don’t Fart on My Art.
And the reviews on Project Vera keep coming. Thanks for those!!
Now I’m off to enjoy the long weekend here int he US. Hope you have a lovely one.

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Tom Merritt
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