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Tom Merritt Sings About Urology - Issue #48

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Hey folks,
I’m old. Those of you older than me will scoff and that’s fine. You earned it.
But I went to the doctor for my regular checkup and she said, “You’re test results are great! Everything looks awesome.” And I thought, “Excellent. I’m out of here. See you next time, doc!”
And then she said “But you’re over 50, so we need to check your prostate and you because of your family history you should get a scan of your artery to help prevent stroke.
I’ll be honest I haven’t got to the artery thing yet. I will. I have six months after all. But I did call the urologist and they "luckily” had an appointment the next day so I went in this morning. And the short version is they said, “You have an interestingly shaped prostate but it’s nothing to be worried about. See you in six months just so we can make sure it’s not getting more interestingly-shaped.”
Great. So in six months we check to make sure it hasn’t got more interesting. That’s fun.
But my brain is weird. You may have heard me blithely refer to dead relatives. We joke about our amazing cancer dog who has lymphoma. I whistle in the dark a lot, is what I’m saying.
So when I got home from what was good news, I got a song stuck in my head. Not a song that you would know. I mean I MADE UP a song and it got stuck in my head and I’ve been singing it quietly to myself all day.
I can’t sing it out loud because it’s about my urology appointment.
It’s not entirely crass, but it’s probably not appropriate for the public.
But you’re not the public are you…?
You’re curious aren’t you….?
Dare I share the song about my trip to the urologist with you?
I dare.
But just in case you’re shouting “NO THANK YOU” I put it in a link.
Your call.
Happy Mother’s Day!

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Tom Merritt
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