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Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
I missed you! Sorry for being off the last two weeks from the newsletter. I had to go to my niece’s 5th birthday party and then we were off for the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. But I’m back! I missed you.
I had the most wonderful conversations this week! And they weren’t all on my own shows!
For instance the world’s best-dressed Oklahoman, Andrew Heaton asked me, “Tom, you’re from Southern Illinois, would you like to talk about the Forever War?” And I said, “The French and English? That seems odd, but sure!” And he said, “Oh no, I mean the scifi classic by Joe Haldeman.” And I said, “Even better!” And then I listened to the book on 3.5x speed and talked just as fast on Alienating the Audience. We solved the problem of relativistic travel, war and why my Grandpa was so old. It’s all in there and more on the latest episode of Alienating the Audience.
Then Allison Sheridan got hold of me and said, “Tom, this whole changing the name of Facebook to Meta seems confusing. I thought I understood it but I’m not sure. I have a pond here. Would you like to chit chat across it with me about Meta?” And I said, “Allison. You’ve been a victim of a very clever wizard. And I can help you break out of the spell.” And then we talked about why Meta changed its name from Facebook and it turned out that Allison really did understand it pretty well, and was only entranced by wizardry in a very small amount. So tune in to get entranced and you too will break out of the spell and understand Meta on the latest episode of Chit Chat across the Pond.
I also finished my NaNoWriMo and if you want to see how I’m able to write so much, you can see the unaltered rough draft of The Bookmobile on LOTS of typos my friends. But take a peek!
Lots of other good stuff below like an explainer of Central Bank Digital Currencies - or CBDCs - which will make you feel really smart at some point next year because you’ll be so ahead of the game.
Happy December!

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