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Tom Merritt loves his podcasting family - Issue #50

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
I love my podcasting family.
This week I was on the call for DTNS– I can’t remember if it was live or not– but Justin was there. I got an email from our good friend Brian Brushwood that had the subject line “159 Krakens left.” For some reason it caught my fancy, so I read that out loud and Justin said “Brian Brushwood master of promotions” or something along those lines. And then Roger, Justin and I began talking about the old magazine principle of using odd numbers in titles because it subconsciously makes you want to do something to even them out. Hence my long history of doing Top 5 videos. (CNET, Rev3, Tech Republic)
Earlier in that day’s DTNS Justin made my day by ad-libbing a plug for my new tech substack in the middle of the quick hits.
That good feeling extends to Twitter. Scott Johnson, Justin and I had fun joking about people being hyperbolic.
Markinark gave me one of the best and most unexpected compliments for a bit I did on Cordkillers.
Josh Grisdale and I got in a run of references to the K-drama Crash-Landing on You.
Patrick Beja expressed his regret that he doesn’t have time to podcast with us much as he wants and we wall piled on with the love.
I even made a silly occupational license joke involving K-pop that Andrew Heaton retweeted.
Speaking of Heaton, I was listening to the new We’re Not Wrong podcast with him, Justin and Jen Briney and I was pleased to hear Justin correctly cite the top three cloud providers and properly recount the origins of Fake News on Macedonian ad farms. 👏
And just now Chris Ashley messaged me asking for a favor which he was nice enough to say I didn’t have to do and I am more than happy to do for him. And we were both stoked.
And those are just a few. There were lots more.
The internet. It’s not everything they say about it. At least not all the time.

Cordkillers 408 – Your Face
What’s A Short-Throw Projector? – DTNS 4280
Putting Your Face On A Refrigerator – DTNS 4279
Not So Stablecoins – DTNS 4278
E3 Used to Be Like a 4H Fair – DTNS 4277
As The Workforce Churns – DTNS 4276
Feeding on Feedback - It's a Thing 214
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Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt @acedtect

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