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Tom Merritt is Vacating- Issue #59

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Hello folks,
I am about to head off on a thing people in the US call a “vacation.” Some people in Europe may know it as “holiday.” When you work for yourself such a thing is very indulgent and can come with loads of feelings of guilt. So to assuage that guilt I have taken it upon myself to cancel all DTNS episodes and replace them with experiments.
We did this last year and it worked out well. The Tech Jawn and BBQ and Tech are now for real podcasts. Who knows what may come out of this experiment week. Tune in and find out. I personally feel like the marquee experiment is Nicole Lee’s “Boba Tech.” But perhaps that’s because my wife, Eileen Rivera, is on it.
For this “vacation,” the aforementioned Eileen and I will be “driving.” For one thing, airports are a little bit of a mess right now. And for another we’d have to rent a car at the other end anyway, so we figured we should just take our own. It’s a five hour drive vs. a one hour flight. Though the flight turns into 3-4 hours when you consider driving to the airport waiting for takeoff and navigating out of the airport at the other end.
Plus driving lets us go right to our nieces (3 and 5) on either end of the trip. Which means we get new musical numbers from them. They’re latest comeback single is called “Go Away for Lunch/I’m Falling in Jail.” Can’t wait to see it live.
Then the middle days will be some combination of laying about, eating delicious things and tasting wine. I think we even get to swallow the wine. In fact, we’re taking a “wine train.” which I assume is a train that is fueled by wine and wanders all over the valleys, stomping on grapes. I cannot wait to experience it.
This is all a long apology for not writing a newsletter next Friday. Or doing any shows.
But you will notice the difference upon my return. For one, I will no all the words to “Go Away for Lunch/I’m Falling in Jail.”

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Tom Merritt
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