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Tom Merritt is Glad He Met You - Issue #44

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
The newsletter is late this week because I was hanging out with a bunch of y'all.
This weekend Brian Brushwood held ‘Founders Day’ for the folks in his community who supported him in buying a property and building a studio. There were live podcasts, music, magic and drinking and most of all a chance to chat with folks.
If you noticed I was in the room with Justin Robert Young for DTNS on Friday, that’s why. I came into Austin for the Founders Day stuff and was lucky enough to be able to do an in person show with Justin, which was fantastic.
I want to thank every single person who came up and said hi and said nice things about what I do. I really don’t ever feel I can express my true gratefulness for that. I smile, I say thank you but I’m always afraid that folks just don’t get how much I mean it. I’m just a backwards kid from a hoosier town in southern Illinois who sort of wandered into this crazy world of podcasting and seems to have made a go of it. So to have you, a person who doesn’t have to like me because of family or something, tell me you have followed me for years sometimes decades and they you actually find value in what I do? It’s humbling. So thanks to everybody who made me feel that all this stress and hard work is really worth it.
And to that person who wanted to come up and say hi and just didn’t do it or didn’t feel like they could find the opportunity, I get it. I have totally been you more than once. It’s totally cool. Next time! And just know that I’m excited to say hi. So don’t fret.
Finally, a salute to Brian Brushwood. The drive and talent of that man is beyond compare. And the love in which he does anything is the secret sauce to his success. He wants everyone to feel net positive from everything he does. He’s in the joy business. He tries to make joy. And what he has built out here in Austin is truly special.
That’s it for me this Sunday morning. I have to pack up meet some folks for breakfast and then catch a plane back to LA. I’ll be working on Know A Little More tomorrow, so see you on Cordkillers (with Wscottis1 as the guest!!).

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