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Tom Merritt Has Had a Week - Issue #46

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Do you mind if I whine just a little? Because this was a week.
Last weekend was awesome. My wife and I went to see BTS in Las Vegas and had a blast. Even got to have brunch with Mitzula.
Then we got home.
Some of you may have heard me talk about this here and there but my dog Rey, my personal producer during every stream, got diagnosed with a tumor in her chest. And over the weekend we found out it was lymphoma. And then right before we got back home she stopped eating.
So most of this week was trying to keep her from starving while we waited for a vet appointment on Thursday. We had some pretty good luck getting her to eat Sunday evenign and Monday. First she was into sardines. Then she couldn’t get enough Milk Toast Bread and Taro bun from 85 degrees bakery. Monday I was feeling a little less stressed and her energy started to pick back up. But then Tuesday she was back to not being interested and I was back to forcing her to have just enough to keep her going.
Thursday morning we saw the vet. Thursday morning the pilot light went out on the water heater and I didn’t have time to go relight it until after the vet so I had a lovely bracing cold shower that morning!
The vet prescribed some anticancer meds. Thankfully for dogs, chemo isn’t as hard as it is on humans. But unfortunately, Rey’s calcium had shot up so high that was affecting her kidneys. So we had to let them keep her for observation and fluids while they administered the first rounds.
So I haven’t had my personal producer in the room with me Thursday or Friday. Thursday I was scrambling so hard after spending the morning at the vet that I almost didn’t notice. And our other dog, Sawyer was enjoying the extra attention including a longer walk!
But I really noticed today. I’d get up to go to the kitchen and get coffee and turn to say “Come on Rey,” but there was no Rey. I’d head to the studio for the show and turn to say “Time for the show” which usually causes Rey to trot into the studio and take her place on the special couch across from me. But not this time.
We got a call from the vet this morning. The great news is Friday morning she started eating. And they say she’s doing good even though she’s in a scary vet place. But man we miss her.
Tomorrow morning we go pick her up from the vet. Tomorrow will be a very good day for a very good girl.
I know there are harder things to go through and I bet a few of you are going through them. Hang in there. As my Grandma Roxie always said, “This too shall pass.”
Thanks for letting me vent.

Rey looking VERY stylish
Rey looking VERY stylish
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