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Tom Merritt Has a New Newsletter

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Thank you Matt Lee.
Matt made my day, heck, made my week.
So you may recall that last week I told you about the silly song I got stuck in my head. That was the one about my visit to the urologist. Several of you took the leap to click the link and see the lyrics and more than one of you expressed regret that I wasn’t singing it.
To which I replied something along the lines of careful what you wish for or “Do you though?”
But Matt topped all the responses.
Matt performed the song. And Matt can actually play guitar and sing.
So this Tuesday I was treated to my VERY silly words being sung to VERY good music by Matt.
I’ve talked about this on GDI and TMS this week and I promsed I would share the video. Now be kind to Matt. He’s allowing me to share this video and like all artists he’s way more critical of his own work than most of us are. So be kind. Be sure. Then watch “Tom Merritt’s Urology Song.”

Hope you enjoyed that. I know I did.
This week’s newsletter is a collection of things. Starting with the music of course. Many of you have kindly asked how Rey the dog is doing. She’s doing GREAT. Back to her old self and hungry as heck. Thanks for all the well wishes.
And for those of you who may wonder what K-Pop shenanigans I’m getting up to, we’re seeing Twice in Los Angeles Saturday night. And Eileen even bought me a light stick so I won’t stick out as the old man without he light stick. I’ll just be the old man. This is our second time seeing Twice. (I’ll just leave that there)
And finally, I’m launching a second newsletter. This is for folks who specifically want my tech writing. To begin it will be longer versions of what you hear on DTNS. I often write a long version of a story then cut it down for use on the show. So I’m going to start publishing those long versions on substack. There will be free and paid versions of that newsletter.
If you’re interested you can subscribe at
Don’t worry though. This newsletter isn’t going anywhere and will stay absolutely free. If occasionally containing urology references.
Great chatting with y'all.
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Tom Merritt
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