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Tom Merritt Has a Heart!

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Hey folks,
Man I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with the response to A Word with Tom Merritt. I have had such an atypical internet experience around it. By that I mean people sending me tweets saying they liked it and they’re really excited to listen to the next episode. People who have never heard of my stuff before saying “Hey this guy is a pretty good interviewer.” So I’m really glad I did it and huge thanks to y'all for supporting it. Special extra amazing thanks to Amos for editing and producing it and Jenn Cutter for booking and producing. Could not have done it without any of y'all.
The current episode is with Lamarr Wilson. we talk about how Lamarr feels about the words “creator” and “influencer” and you may be surprised to find out he prefers the term influencer and he has a god explanation about why. It’s the first interview he’s done in a LONG time so I’m really honored that he took the time to talk. Hope you all enjoy it too.
Last week I didn’t get an edition of this newsletter out because there was an outage with Revue, the newsletter platform. Apparently they had a DNS issue. So I packed in a few extra links below.
This past weekend I realized that I am in fact not 22 anymore. Saturday we had a whole bunch of family over in honor of my wife’s birthday and the birthday of one of the family who just passed away. It was a partially sad occasion but very sweet and overall joyful. I think he would have been pleased. And there was so much good food. If you can marry into a family that has amazing food I highly recommend it.
Then Sunday we went to a concert. Stray Kids at the Forum. That was fun too. Great show and a great crowd. But wow were we sapped Monday. And Tuesday. And a little bit on Wednesday.
On top of that I had to go see a cardiologist for a preventative screening and got the day wrong so had to drive a half hour both ways on Tuesday and Wednesday. And got a parking ticket the day I showed up wrong. The good news is they confirmed I have a heart. And apparently it’s in pretty good shape too. So I’ve got that going for me.
This coming week is going to be BUSY. I’m filling in for Justin Robert Young on PoliticsPoliticsPolitics. And it’s Special Guest week on DTNS! We’re having new guests that we have never been on the show before! We have Jack Rhysider from Darknet Diaries, Quinn Nelson from Snazzy Labs and Joel Telling the 3D Printing Nerd! Don’t miss it and tell your friends to watch or listen to Daily Tech News Show all next week!
I’m off to rest my now confirmed existing heart. Have a great weekend y'all!

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