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Tom Merritt Has a GREAT TIME

Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt
Welcome to the new Tom newsletter. we’re still working on how best to pull things into this new way of doing things but thanks for all the responses last week! Seems like most of you like where this is headed. Keep them coming!
First up, Robb Dunewood was the last of the guest hosts on Sword and Laser this week. well maybe not last FOREVER (in fact we want to get Robb back soon) But I mean Veronica will be returning from maternity leave in a few weeks. BUT while Robb was here we found out why he loves Murderbot.

I also had the pleasure of showing up on Ken Ray’s In a few Minutes! I love doing this show with Ken. He’s so much fun to talk to.
Also I am a firm believer that the only generation that can truly understand Gen Z is Gen X. And as a representative of Gen X i created a Tech Republic Top 5 about how Gen Z uses tech differently.
Top 5 things to know about Gen Z tech and workspace preferences - TechRepublic
And Google I/O turned out a lot of interesting announcements, not just Android 12. But also Android 12. And also holographic video conferencing.
The Ins and Outs of Google I/O - DTNS 4033
OH AND DON’T FORGET - This week I’m hosting a book event for the awesome Christian Cantrell
And the last show I want to especially highlight is the updated Latency vs. Bandwidth. It’s not THAT much different than the one that came out earlier last year but it’s been tweaked a little. If you want to know the difference, here’s your chance!
About Latency vs. Bandwidth (Updated) – Daily Tech News Show
Since it’s easy to pull in Tweets here, here’s a select few worth noting.
Len Peralta is creating Original Artwork for Daily Tech News Show | Patreon
Epic and Apple are now fighting over a naked banana - The Verge
Her's the REST of the STORIES
Phonely Child – DTNS 4035 – Daily Tech News Show
Big Bitcoin Bubble Bursting? – DTNS 4034 – Daily Tech News Show
AT&T and Discovery Cross the Streams – DTNS 4032 – Daily Tech News Show
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Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt @acedtect

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